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Hilarious snap shows “eejit” stag photobomb landscape shot – then stick its tongue out

A HILARIOUS photo shows the moment a stag photobombed a photographer’s landscape shot – and then stuck its tongue out.

Marcus Platt was enjoying driving the North Coast 500 route when he decided to stop near Achnasheen, Ross-shire, to capture the stunning scenery.

The stag wandered into the frame and refused to budge. And when Marcus decided to include the stubborn beast in his masterpiece he later realised it had stuck its tongue out.

Marcus, 48, from Fleet, Hampshire, posted the snap on social media with the caption: “Just when I thought everyone on the NC500 was so welcoming we bump into this rather rude (eejit) who wouldn’t get out of my landscape photo!”

(C) Marcus Platt

Andrew Langley responded: “Oh yeah we met him. Gee he was grouchy, but after a couple of beers he was fine.”

Garry Ward commented: “He needs to be a bit more careful this time of the year!”

Sue Wood said: “Don’t forget it is the rut season, don’t get between him and the lasses or you could find yourself in a whole load of trouble.

Peter Dadster Adley said: “Always one photobomb ready to spoil an otherwise perfect image.”

Marcus said today: “I thought the background of the highlands looked really nice.

(C) – Marcus Platt

“I totally expected him to run off before I’d had chance to get my camera out.

“He continued to enjoy the grass. He only looked up when another car went by and I took a photo before he returned to his grass.

“I couldn’t believe it when I quickly reviewed the photo on my camera thinking I’d captured a decent wildlife photo at last. There he was, tongue out and a glint in his eye, he seemed to be mocking me! I couldn’t help but chuckle.”

In 2016, an American woman was photobombed by a stag when she was trying to get a picture of one of Scotland’s most iconic mountains.

Erin Garrett was trying to get a picture of Buachaille Etive Mor when the nosy creature stuck his nose right up against the lens.

(C) Marcus Platt

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