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Scot who crowdfunded funeral says CBD oil reason he’s alive 5 months after docs said he would die

A SCOT who crowdfunded his own wedding and funeral claims cannabis oil is keeping him alive five months after the date doctors expected him to die.

Duncan McGunnigle raised £700 towards the cost of his wedding on April 6 and the funeral that was expected to follow at the end of the month.

The 52-year-old discussed details of his funeral with undertakers but their services are still not required more than five months later.

Duncan with his family at his wedding

The former industrial door engineer, who was given six weeks to live in March, started taking cannabis oil shortly after his marriage to Fiona Conacher, his partner of 24 years.

The couple, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, expected to have a few weeks together but that changed after Duncan’s friends obtained cannabis oil from the Netherlands.

Speaking today, Duncan, who has battled skin cancer for five years, says it feels “great” to prove the doctors wrong.

Now the former industrial door engineer says he is due to have a scan this month where he hopes to discover some good news.

Duncan was at one stage told to plan his funereal but the Cannabis oil prolonged his life

He said: “I’m still here and I’m still battering on.

“Sometimes I’m good to get out of the house and walk out, get the bus. Just depends on how I feel in the morning.

“The only major problems is that I’m out of breath and I get a sore leg because it’s been operated on so many times, but apart from that I’ve been fine.”

He also says the cannabis oil, which his pals have also help him get has worked wonders and believes CBD can be used to help others.

He added: “I think it’s a good idea.

“I’ve seen from a news report abroad that one of the cannabis oils can cure cancer so that’s positive.”

Cannabis oil, which is also known as cannabidiol (CBD), can now be bought in pharmacies across the UK

The number of CBD users has doubled from 125,000, 12 months ago, to 250,000 now, according to the Cannabis Trades Association UK.

With the health benefits CBD has to offer, that’s not really surprising. Those benefits are backed by research and there are tons of information online. Just a quick search and you’ll end up with hundreds or thousands of articles about CBD.

Duncan also revealed some details of his big day last April, several elements of which were provided free of charge.

He said: “It was great. We managed to get the venue for free and the DJ offered to pay for the disco. My mates also paid for the buffet.”

His crowdfunding page, set-up in March this year, outlined how Duncan needed money for both his funeral and his wedding.

It said: “Our dear friend Duncan McGunnigle was diagnosed with cancer around 5 years ago.

“Duncan had a appointment with his specialist last Friday and has unfortunately been told there is nothing else that can be done and given only up to 6 weeks to live.

“He was due to get married in the coming few months and was looking to save up for the wedding and funeral but with the latest developments he now requires our help.

“We would like your help to start fundraising to give Duncan the best wedding possible after all a dying man should be granted his last wish.”

A picture of Duncan and his family at his wedding


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