Driver posts dramatic video of crash “caused by spilt diesel” – but was he simply going too fast?


A DRIVER’S dramatic dashcam footage of him skidding and crashing on spilt diesel has sparked a heated debate about whether he was simply going too fast.

The shocking clip shows Kevin Lee’s vehicle take a corner in wet conditions, slide off the road and end up in a ditch.

The 63-year-old from Crawley, West Sussex, captioned the post: “Wet road and diesel, ouch. I’m ok, but Disco[very] sad. Very close to hitting oncoming car.”

But while many sympathised, and Kevin says police told him they found fuel on the road, other viewers reckoned it was his fault.

The clip begins with the red Land Rover Discovery coming round a sharp corner.

The front left wheel then drives into a puddle on the side of the road and suddenly the back of the car spins round onto the opposite side of the road.

The dash cam video caused a heated debate

Seconds later the Land Rover has spun round and has landed on its side in the ditch.

Kevin can be heard saying: “What the f*** happened there?”

A photo afterwards shows the extent of the damage caused as the front of the car and the top of his wheel arch is completely bashed in.

Kevin also posted pictures of a Vauxhall Corsa, which was being driven by an off-duty police officer, which crashed moments later after Kevin’s accident.

But after Kevin, a windscreen repairer, uploaded the video to a closed Facebook group the reception was not entirely sympathetic.

Kevin can be heard in the video saying “What the f*** happened there?”

One user said: “Was going to fast for that corner.”

Another Facebook user said: “Looks very fast for conditions.”

Another user commented: “Well I’m no expert, but I think you crashed your motor.”

Another said: “Far too fast for a disco on off road tyres in the wet!”

However, Kevin, who says he was only going at 35mph, received support as well.

Kevin’s Land Rover Discovery after the crash

One said: Dash camera footage always looks faster than real-life due to the fisheye lens. More likely to be dirty road surface or diesel.”

Another said: “Mud and wet roads, not a lot of grip, throw in some diesel and it’s like being on ice.”

Another commented: “Hope you’re ok? Cars can be fixed or replaced, but not people. Must admit your tyres do look like M&S [mud and snow] tyres which obviously ain’t great on wet diesel.”

Kevin said in the comments that the police confirmed there was diesel on the roads.

He said: “Definitely diesel on the road. Confirmed by Police and recovery.”

He also defended himself when he was being accused of driving too fast.

He added: “Sorry, but not too fast, just seconds later, an Astra driven by off duty police did the same thing.”

An off duty police car had an accident moments after Kevin’s crash