Gorgeous moment seal cuddles up with diver and starts patting him


An adorable video of a seal desperate to cuddle a deep-sea diver has been melting hearts on social media.

Ben Burville filmed the incredible footage off Northumberland at the Farne Islands.

Ben, 49, from Morpeth, Northumberland, goes diving all year round to observe and record the behaviours of the seals.

He uploaded the footage to Twitter yesterday (wed) with the caption: “My dive buddy helps me focus on the tranquility calmness of the moment- mindfulness.”

The incredible footage shows the seal diver just peacefully sitting in the water as the seal gets up close and pats him.

The seal then starts to lick Ben’s hand before it moves to his head to cuddle in with him.

Before the clip ends can be seen holding Ben’s hand before letting go.

Leandra Marx? wrote: They are like underwater puppies. Just adorable.”

Vanessa Shields? posted: “Ah so sweet! What an awesome dive buddy. Love it.

ASt? added: “Oh my gosh.What an experience.”

Speaking today Ben, who works as a medical and underwater cameraman, said: “ I dive all year round with seals and have observed and recorded their underwater behaviour for many years.

“It is very calming and peaceful – they are my dive buddies and have taught me a great deal about how best to dive with them.”