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Hilarious moment builders bungle Dirty Dancing “lift” scene – even with help from step ladder

A HILARIOUS video shows builders struggling to perform the famed Dirty Dancing lift – even with the help of a step ladder.

The workmen were taking a break from work when they decided to recreate one of the most famous scenes in movie history.

Mark Cleavely starred in the role of Patrick Swayze, while his colleague Ben Phillips played Jennifer Grey’s character Baby.

The builders were doing a job on an extension in Tilbury, Essex when the group decided to have a little fun playing different music.

Mark, 43, was seen strutting his stuff as the song ‘Time of my Life’ started to play from the famous film.

The lift was executed with help of a step ladder which sent Ben soaring into the sky.

The video has gone viral and has been viewed over 322,000 times.

The clip shows Ben sitting in the corner as the song begins to play and Mark shouts: “No one outs Benny in the corner” as they recreate the scene from Dirty Dancing

Ben gets up and starts shuffling towards Mark as the two of them lock hands passionately as the begin dancing.

The questionable footwork is followed by two brilliant twirls just before the song breaks off into the chorus.

The two builders then separate and Mark and Ben make their way to a small platform on the extension – Ben gives a cheeky heel kick.

Ben gets up and starts shuffling towards Mark as the two of them lock hands passionately as the begin dancing.

Mark imitates Patrick Swayze’s leap off the stage in the movie as best he can, almost falling in the process.

As the music builds up the main event draws closer as Ben starts a run up with Mark standing behind the step ladder.

Graceful Ben clambers up on the step ladder and leaps into Mark’s arms with help of another colleague.

They lift Ben high into the air as he spread his arms out to complete the lift, and the audience went wild with laughter.

Mark posted the video to facebook on 21st of September and commented: “No one puts benny in the corner”.

People on social media have gone wild for the amazing performance.

Elizabeth Barbara Woods said: “Ah yeah that made me morning”.

Ffyona Baker added: “Bloody hilarious! more please”.

Erica Irwin continued: “Incase you are having a bad day”.

Fiona Lyons said: “Love it. Dirty Dancing will never be the same!”.

However, some are not quite convinced by the quality the routine.

Jean Jeanie said: “Ryan and Darren i think u need to show these boys how it done”.

Adrian Garvey added: “Tom Ricky not a patch on what ye did at the wedding”.

Mark from Benfleet, Essex revealed that this dance came from just listening to a variety of music and whether or not he could lift Ben.

Mark said: “We were just working and having a mess about with some music on the site radio listen and dancing to macho macho man and Ben ask if I thought I could lift him and that’s how it started.

“I think it’s unbelievable really as it was a spur of the moment thing and although we thought it was funny we didn’t realise how many others would.

Mark’s dance moves has made many people laugh but one message stood out.

Mark added: “I had a message on Tuesday from a woman saying she lost her son three weeks ago and it was the first tune she had laughed since her son died. It was nice thing for us to hear that it had cheered her up a little.

“No rehearsal really apart from not being able to lift him at first which gave me the idea of using the steps.

Mark hinted at future performances.

Mark concluded: “I think there could be another coming up YMCA or grease maybe”.

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