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Vet nurse reveals how her pet pooch was almost killed by eating a whole corn on the cob

A PESKY pooch is lucky to be alive after wolfing down a whole corn on the cob.

Bella was playing in a field in Gloucestershire when she decided to snack on the produce.

The corn lodged in the two-year-old doberman’s intestines where it was a day away from causing a rupture that would have killed her.

Bella’s owner Sophie Nicholson is a veterinary nurse and the surgery that saved the dog’s life was done at her own place of work. AAS vets in Gloucester.

Sophie, 26, detailed the drama on Facebook, telling how her pet showed bloating and toxic shock. Initial ultrasound and X-rays only revealed excess trapped gas.

Bella in surgery

It was eventually decided to conduct exploratory surgery.

“Our amazing vets identified the cause of her issue,” wrote Sophie. “Bella had eaten a corn cob which was lodged in her intestines, and was imminently close to rupturing them.”

Speaking today (Tues), Sophie said: “Michael Stevenson, our clinical director, suspected it was a corn on the cob initially was because he had a case when he was a student with a dog who had eaten a corn on the cob in similar circumstances and it had got lodged.

“Michael said left any longer, even just a day, and Bella would have died. I wouldn’t have had a dog by Sunday.”

Bella looking healthy and owner Sophie

Bella is recovering well after the emergency surgery, which took place on September 29.

On social media, Mark Nurse wrote: “Glad things are going the right way. Our dogs give us grey hair, if we did not have them before.”

Liz Wilson said: “Glad she is recovering and well done all.”

Peter Akano simply wrote: “Dogs!”

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