Bizarre moment man rolls armchair into middle of busy road – and sits in it


BIZARRE video shows the moment a man decides to take an armchair out to the middle of the busy road and sit on it.

The video shows how traffic in Aberdeen had to come to a halt as a man slowly moves a large red leather armchair.

The clip shows the man who is wearing a suit and and a black hat, rolling the the chair out to the middle of the road on Charlotte street.

He then eventually gets the chair into an upright position, stumbles around it and takes a seat.

Following this, he can then be seen crossing his legs and resting is head on his hand, appearing to take a nap.

A silver car then turns right onto the road where the man is sat and appears to momentarily stop behind the chair before the video ends.

Keira O’Kane,18, uploaded the video to Twitter last Sunday where it has since received more than 11,000 views.

Then man can be seen moving the armchair into the middle of the road

She captioned the post: “Welcome to Aberdeen.”

Her post was has been retweeted more than 180 times and over 500 people have liked the bizarre clip.

@anna18h01 commented: “How did we miss this.”

The video has had over 11,000 views

Ali Mackenzie said: “The chair is making moves.”

@tashaadamsx said: “Wtf hahahaha.”

Photos of the incident were also uploaded to Facebook by Bernadine Magee.

Many people in the comments are dumbfounded by what he is doing

She captioned the post: “Just seen this just off before street bloke in middle of road.”

Her post received more than 300 shares and more than 150 comments.

Arlene Forbes said: “Could’ve at least been a recliner.”

The man can be seen with his legs crossed as traffic drives by

Marc Morrison commented: “Duh it’s obviously sofa surfing Sunday.”

Erik Avdulov said: “Wtf is wrong with him?”

Katy Fox said: “Classic Aberdeen.”