Friday, August 19, 2022
NewsShocking moment BMW driver tries to complete crossword whilst at the wheel

Shocking moment BMW driver tries to complete crossword whilst at the wheel

A CROSSWORD fanatic has been filmed completing a puzzle on his iPad whilst at the wheel.

The unbelievable clip shows a man sitting behind the wheel of his vehicle whilst doing a puzzle.

The driver of a silver BMW 520 was caught by a motorcyclist at Lostock Hall, near Preston.

Darren Haslam from Accrington, Lancashire caught the incident on his GoPro on Wednesday 10th October.

The footage was caught in photo mode of Darren’s GoPro.

The video shows Darren on his motorcycle approaching the silver BMW as a traffic jam can be seen ahead of him.

The silver BMW is some distance away from the nearest car in front of him.

The incident occurred on Watkin Lane in Lostock Hall near Preston

Frustrated, Darren overtakes the BMW and peers in towards the car window to find a man doing a crossword on his iPad whilst holding up the traffic.

Caught red faced the man seems shocked to find Darren peering into his car.

Darren, now ahead of the silver BMW, turns round and points at the driver offering to have a discussion about it. Yet the driver refused.

The man can be seen doing a crossword on his iPad

Darren, 47, posted the footage on Facebook and said: “Absolute nuckin fumpty this guy this morning, BMW driver Lostack Hall, not just on his phone, but doing a crossword on his iPad I offered to have a word with him but he declined my invitation”.

Many people on social media have been dumbfounded by what they saw.

Glynn Clark said: “Crossword. Four letters T*”.

David offered to have words with the driver about the incident

Cheryl Haynes Pattison added: ”What a k* jockey!”.

Tania Jayne agreed: “What a p**”.

Barry Freeman said: “Thick b**”.

Darren said that he catches many incidences like his on his commute.

David posted what he saw on Facebook

He said: “As a biker I see people on the phones all the time, they pose a serious threat to all vulnerable road users.

“This wasn’t just casual answering a call, this was premeditated – I will keep myself occupied on my boring commute.”

SWD Media, who regularly upload footage of peoples shocking dash cam videos, were shocked to see someone try and complete a crossword puzzle whilst driving.

Many people were quick to make witty remarks

A spokesperson for SWD Media said: “It’s clear this driver was not paying adequate attention given the gap in traffic in front of him, nor did he have proper control of the vehicle as no hands were on the steering wheel – they were holding and operating a iPad!

“In my opinion by using this device behind the wheel he has committed an offence of careless, if not dangerous driving, and I certainly expect the police to be having a few cross words with him.”

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