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“Giant haggis” – Animals found in Orkney causes confusion as to whether it’s a sheep or a pig

BIZARRE footage of large furry animals has caused debate as to whether it could be a sheep or a pig.
The creatures were spotted by Craig Morris, 40, who spotted the animals which appear to have the snout of a pig, but brown fur that looks similar to that of a sheep.
He took photos of the furry creatures which approached him whilst he was taking photos of them in a field.
Craig came across the wooly animals in a field on the A961 near the village of St. Mary’s on Orkney Tuesday morning and claims they are the only two on the island.
Craig who is working on the island for a few weeks posted the video on Facebook last night (TUES) saying: “Another day seeing new things on Orkney today, never seen wooly pigs before”.
The post has proved quite popular with many people guessing whether or not it is a pig, sheep or both.
The video shows Craig walking next to a fence where the sheep are enclosed.
They are believed to be the only two wooly pigs on Orkney
The wind is heard howling in the video as the wooly pigs are seen scavenging the ground for food as they patrol the fence line.
The pigs are easily mistaken for sheep with big white wooly coat covering their bodies. Even their ears and tails have wool on them.
The pigs can be heard grunting and oinking amidst the gust of wind as they dig up the ground in front of Craig.
The wooly pigs were heard oinking and squeaking loudly
Craig says “some wooly pigs. Apparently they are from Hungary”. As the wooly animals continue to grunt in front of Craig.
Posted Tuesday it has many people questioning whether they are actually pigs, sheep or something else entirely?
Piper Chapman said: “A shig…. or is it a peep?”
They were digging up the ground in search for food
Rene MacAskill said: “Wow giant haggis”.
Val Carman added: “Sheeppig”.
Diane Chalmers wrote: “A pig in sheep clothing”.
Many people claimed that they were newly discovered creatures
Kyle Henderson said: “Shigs! Or are they peeps?”.
Irene Stockley added: “Love your highland cows”.
Nicci Smith-Ross wrote: “We saw these two a couple of weeks ago – weird looking creatures! Shigs? Pieeps? Sheigs? We couldn’t decide”.
Others thought they were a crossbreed
Footage taken by the traffic management worker, from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire revealed the two animals were a rare breed of pig from Hungary.
Craig was shocked to come across an animal he had never seen before.
He said: “I came across them as I was driving on the road and glanced over to take a look.
“I didn’t stop at first but I needed to properly investigate. I thought I was seeing things.
“I parked my car and went to the edge of the fence where two of them came running towards me. I had never seen anything like them before”.
Craig had never seen anything like them before
Craig said that the wooly pigs were very smelly.
He added: “They were friendly as they came running up to me from another field. They must have thought I had food with me.
“They were very loud. Oinking and squeaking and digging up the ground as they stared at me. They also stink.
“I did a bit of research when I was there. Apparently they come from Hungary and they should have a lot more wool on them.
Craig posted photos and a video of the wooly pigs on Facebook
“I believe they are the only two wooly pigs in Orkney”.
The wooly pigs are a breed from Hungary known as Mangalitza.
According to the British Pig Association the Mangalitza were close to extinction in 1993, with just 150 sows, a female pig, remaining worldwide.
The breed was introduced to the UK in 2006.

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