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News"Moron" driver blocks lorry from overtaking on busy motorway

“Moron” driver blocks lorry from overtaking on busy motorway

DRAMATIC video shows a car driving recklessly in front of a lorry on a motorway as they try to block it from overtaking.

The video shows a grey Vauxhall Grandland weaving in between lanes as it cuts off the Frenni lorry driver in front trying to overtake.

The clip was taken on the M4 near Port Talbot, South Wales on Tuesday night at around 9pm.

Footage was taken by a car passenger who wishes to remain anonymous.

The video shows a car driving in front of a lorry in the right hand lane down the M4.

The lorry moves into the left hand lane preparing to pass the Vauxhall, but the car immediately veers in front of the lorry forcing the driver to brake suddenly.

The lorry again tries to overtake the car on the right hand lane, but once again is blocked off by the Vauxhall.

For a third time the lorry drifts into the opposite lane as it attempts to overtake the car, but the Vauxhall yet again drives into the same lane as the lorry to prevent it from getting passed.

The cycle continues down the M4 as the traffic approach a junction. The driver of the car filming keeps their distance throughout the battle.

Eventually the car which the incident is being filmed from overtakes both the lorry and the Vauxhall. With the lorry tailing the Vauxhall by metres.

They posted the video to their Facebook page saying: “A car annoying a lorry on the M4…. Why are people so reckless, we went past but they’ll prob end up crashing at some point! (the police already know)”.

The video has been viewed more than 126,000 times after it was uploaded on Tuesday night.

It has also sparked a furious reaction from social media users.

Sharron Ladyshasha Mills said: “That’s crazy. Hope traffic cameras picked this up too”.Kelly Jackimiak Jackson-Francis added: “Stupid f***ing piece of s***. I hope the police catch up with him. Could have caused an accident with that s***”.

Nicola Scallan wrote: “If the lorry had hit the car the idiot would be be ****** makes me mad”.

Darren Ted Griffiths said: “Lock the f*** up, I have had this done to me on the opposite side near Pyle. W***er”.

The original Facebook post describing the incident

John Costigan added: “As a lorry driver, that would be treated as a hijack attempt and he’d have been pushed out of the way and police called”.

Simon Read wrote: “What an idiot does he think he’s invincible in his car if they crash the cars f* the truck will only have scratches absolute moron.

“Need some severe punishments for d***s like him”.

Jay Barber simply said: “What a c***”.

A spokeswoman from South Wales Police said: “South Wales Police responded to reports of a motorist driving dangerously and a pedestrian in the carriageway of the M4 in Port Talbot, at approximately 9pm on Tuesday, October 16th.

“Officers from our Roads Policing Unit carried out an area search but no individuals or vehicles matching the description given by the caller were located”.

Inspector Rowan Moore said: “I would urge the owner of the footage posted online to submit it to us via Operation Snap, an initiative adopted by all forces in Wales which encourages road users to report incidents of poor driving standards and other associated offences such as using a mobile phone when driving.

“South Wales Police takes safety on our roads extremely seriously, and we will take positive action when appropriate in order to educate about, promote and enforce road safety”.

This comes after a driver who deliberately slammed his brakes on in front of truck on M56 earlier this year.

Harvey Schofield, 53, undertook a truck for no apparent reason as he deliberately pulled into the path of the truck driver.

Scholfield was convicted after the incident was caught on dashcam.


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