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Student’s eye-watering video shows result of getting false eyelashes attached – with nail glue

A UNIVERSITY student has shared a literally eye-watering video of what happened when her false eyelashes were attached – with nail glue.

Megan Rixson urged her social media followers to be “very, very careful” where they get their eyelashes done.

The criminology student at the University of Bedfordshire posted a video to her Twitter account showing the damage that the glue had done to her eyes at the time.

Megan, 20, got her “treatment” last Friday at a small shop in a mall in Luton, Beds, the name of which she says she cannot remember.

She captioned the video: “Girls be very very careful where you get your eyelashes done! I got my individuals done today somewhere new and it turns out they used nail glue on my lashes. I genuinely lost my sight for two hours.

Megan warned her followers to be “very, very careful” on choosing where to get their eyelashes done

“Thankfully the swelling has gone down but they are still very sore.”

In the video, Megan, from Luton explains that the tears you can see are in fact not because she is upset but because her eyes are constantly watering as a result of the botched treatment.

She points to her right eye and says that it is “on fire” and then reveals her left eye is struggling to fully open. Megan then says “everything is very blurry.”

The video was first posted last Friday night, and has since been viewed more than half a million times. It has also received over 1500 retweets.

The clip generated a lot of reaction, with over 90 replies to the original post.

Twitter user AlexisLovesMe said: “Once I got mine done and the glue burned my eyes and the side of my skin. The lashes didn’t even last a week!!!! It’s so scary to have something happen with your eyes!”

She revealed that she was struggling to open her left eye

Megan reacted by saying it was “so scary”.

SophiaTassew commented: “Deffo go to the hospital to get some checks and hopefully they’ll supply you with some aftercare!”

Megan said that she has received eye drops and a special eye wash to help her eyes recover.

Megan has also been retweeting some of the responses she has been getting from people sharing their disbelief at the treatment.

Princess_b3tty said: “Reminder don’t go just anywhere for your lashes do your research and make sure they’re lash tech certified!”

Lucyingo commented: “Oh my god this is horrendous. Nail glue tho what the f*.”

Bre_Lauren27 wrote: “Nah this is why I do my own lashes.”

Megan’s video has been viewed more than half a million times

The shop where the treatment took place is yet to be named but is believed to be located inside The Mall in Luton.

Megan said the shop where she had the treatment did not patch test her and described them as “very unprofessional”.

Speaking today, Megan said: “I think I’m going to take legal action. I’ve been getting legal advice.

“The day it happened I went back but my eyes were so blurry and swollen I had to get my boyfriend to come with me and he was doing the talking.

“They were apologising and offered to give me another treatment but I won’t be visiting them again.”


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