Sunday, May 22, 2022
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Horrific moment driver deliberately mows down flock of 50 ducks, killing at least five

A FARMER has released harrowing CCTV footage of the moment a driver deliberately mowed down the ducks from his pond.

The Vauxhall Astra is seen driving straight though the flock of around 50 ducks as they cross a quiet road, killing at least five.

Ryan Armstrong’s clip, filmed on his farm near Blyth, Northumberland, begins with the large group of birds crossing the road in a huddle.

In the distance, the car can be seen coming round the corner at considerable speed.

As the ducks are in the mid way point of trying to cross the road, the car appears to be making no attempt to slow down.

The ducks realise the danger and some of the group manage to waddle out of the way.

But there is no escape for the rest of the flock as the car ploughs through them and drives off without making an apparent attempt to slow down.

The incident happened yesterday at about 7am and was uploaded to social media with the caption: “Anyone knows who drives this car drop me a message, couldn’t get a reg number.

The footage was uploaded to Facebook

“Drove straight through the ducks from our pond killing five.”

The clip has caused widespread outrage on social media, including from Dawn Jennings who wrote: “T**t – hope c*** crashed in car and died.”

Michael Wilson said: “Horrible c***.

Jared Turner commented: “Bunch of b******s.”

The red car is clearly seen making no attempt to stop before hitting the ducks

Kyle Beattie pointed out: “Had enough time to stop there like, w*****”.

Andrea Cooper said: “Arrh how awful poor little ducks, urgh some people have no heart.”

Vicky Sands commented: “What an a**e! Left you to clear it up as well. Hope you catch them.”

Michael Trigger Carpenter said: “Evil a**ehole.”

After hitting the ducks, the car speeds by

Lisa Lloyd said: “I even stopped, got out and moved a frog off the road before!! How could anyone do this, scumbag.”

Speaking today, Ryan said he has still not found out the identity of the duck killer.

He said: “People drive past and stop for the ducks every morning, this is the first time we’ve seen someone just drive through them without a care in the world.

“It’s disgusting. They’re almost fully grown ducks.”

People online were not happy with the attack

In relation to the culprit, he added: “I’ve had a few names thrown my way and waiting to get cctv from a friend who lives at the top of the road, so will hopefully get the reg number.”

Last week, horrific footage from New Zealand showed a family of ducks and ducklings being ran over whilst trying to cross the road.

The footage shows nine ducklings and the parents attempting to cross a two lane road, with the help of a woman in a purple jumper who was trying to signal to traffic to slow down.

However, a red car makes no attempt to slow down and mows the ducks over.

The reaction to the footage brought some angry responses

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