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“It’s the geestapo” Hilarious moment “hard” dog Bentley is chased off by a gaggle of geese

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a “hard” dog is sent running for his life – by a gaggle of geese.

The clip shows Bentley square up to the birds but then think better of it and take off at top speed, chased by his avian enemies.

Bentley’s antics were filmed by Andie Millar at a riding centre he runs near Irvine, North Ayrshire.

Andy, 33, posted the clip to Facebook with the caption: “My father’s geese do not my dogs.”

The video shows six agitated geese honking as they face something that is out of shot.

Four-year-old Bentley then scampers into the frame, stops, and turns to face the birds.

His nerve fails him as the leading geese decide to go on the attack, the leading bird starting to move towards him.

Bentley’s options for retreat are limited as he has a pond behind him so he makes a dash for safety to the side with the geese in hot pursuit.

Funny video shows the geese chasing the dog

Realising they’ve won the day, the geese stop and flap their wings in a display of aggression as Bentley keeps going. Andy can be heard chortling: “Oh Bentley.”

Andie said today the birds were his father’s guard geese.

He said: “They protect the chickens and ducks from foxes and tell us when someone is coming down the drive.”

Andy also revealed Bentley suffers from “wee man syndrome”.

The original post which was uploaded to Facebook

He said: “I was laughing as Bentley thinks he’s hard but the girls put him in his place this morning.

“The geese chase anything, even have a go at the horses given half a chance.”

The video has amused some people on social media.

Neil McFarlane said: “It’s the Geestapo”.

Tricia Wilson added: “I guess the dog doesn’t think much of them either”.

Andie Millar and Bentley

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