Sunday, May 22, 2022
NewsSpot the stag. Red deer hiding in plain sight on Scottish hillside...

Spot the stag. Red deer hiding in plain sight on Scottish hillside leaves many viewers baffled

A REMARKABLE photograph of a red deer stag hiding in plain sight on a Scottish hillside has left scores of social media users struggling to spot it.

The magnificent deer’s coat is a perfect match for the autumn colours and even the branches of trees help break up the outline of its antlers.

The remarkable camouflage meant most viewers had to study the picture carefully to spot and some gave up.

Mick uploaded the picture to Facebook

The snap was taken by Mick Murphy from Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire, while he was staying at a caravan park near Kinlochleven in the Highlands.

Mick’s eagle-eyed dayghter, Eva, 11, spotted the deer and Mick, 45, took a picture and then uploaded it with the caption: “Spot the stag.”

Robbin Wood responded: “Wow, I had to use a magnifying glass before I could see it”.

Mick and his daughter made the discovery

Lucy Stoddart added: “That was hard to find…whole family trying to be first to spot him”.

Amber Carr wrote: “Bah! Man, that’s frustrating! My eyes won’t see it! Even with the magnifying glass”.

Kathryn Gibb said: “Jeez that wasn’t easy, but…got him after magnifying and getting glasses …great camouflage”.

The stag was hard to spot where it was standing

Andrew Peel added: “As a hunter I’d starve, can’t see him anywhere”.

David Robertson wrote: “Haha I thought for sure there was no stag and that you were at it”.

Mick today said that it wasn’t him that spotted the stag at first.

The post drew a lot of online reaction

He said: “I didn’t notice the stag, it was my little girl. I only noticed it when it moved, it is a red stag there are a couple of them roaming about the site lately, quite brazen”.

Mick could not believe the reaction his photo would get on social media.

Mick added: “I was surprised by how many people liked it, I don’t post much on social media, I was surprised”.

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