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British family raising money to save life of man thrown 100m through windscreen in Kiev crash

A BRITISH family are raising money to save the life of a crash victim who is in a coma after he was catapulted 100 metres from his car.

Michael Sullivan was hit by another driver in Kiev, Ukraine, on October 20 and hurled through the windscreen.

The 21-year-old is incredibly lucky to have survived at all but suffered injuries including a ruptured spleen and numerous broken bones.

His family in London are trying to save £75,000 to keep Michael in an intensive care unit in the Ukrainian capital.

A crowdfunding page was set up to help Michael Sullivan

They posted on Just Giving: “Please help us raise extra funds to save 21-year-old Michael’s life.

“On Saturday 20th October Michael popped to the shops in Ukraine to get food and never returned home.

“He was hit by a car that catapulted him 100m through the window screen of his car. He was lying bleeding in the road for an hour before any support arrived.

“It is a miracle he is alive, he has broken arms, two broken legs, cracked ribs and ruptured spleen. He is currently in intensive care in a coma in Boris Hospital Kiev. His condition is currently critical and every day counts.”

The story was told by Kimmie and Jamie Sullivan

They added: “Medical costs for the intensive care unit are 2000 USD a day. It is anticipated that he will be in this unit for at least 3/4 months.There is no health system in Ukraine and if we run out of funds they will not continue to treat him.

“Please help us to give Michael all the support he needs at this crucial time. He has his whole life ahead of him and anyone that has met him will know he has a heart of gold.

“Any support would be greatly received.”

Michael’s brother, Jamie, helped create the page, which has raised £21,000 so far.

The family revealed updates on Michael’s condition

He works for Monex Europe, a foreign exchange company based in London, who issued a statement supporting the appeal.

They wrote: “Hi all, Monex Europes Jamie Sullivan has a brother, Michael, who is in a critical condition following a horrific car accident. He is currently in intensive care. We’re doing what we can to help the family. Please help where you can.”

Jamie said in a comment on the page: “Words cannot begin to describe how grateful we are as a family for all of the messages, help and support from you all at this difficult time for us. We feel very lucky to know so many wonderful people. Thank you.”

The family have since released an update on Michael’s condition.

The foreign exchange company, Monex Europe, posted the appeal

Posted yesterday, they said: “The whole family would like to thank everybody for the amazing support for Michael over the last week, it really means a lot to us during this tragic time.

“Michael is still in a coma on life support however he is stable and getting stronger by the day. Now the doctors are waiting for him to wake up, which could be tomorrow or in one month. He is fighting!

“All of the help has made an absolutely massive difference and we continue to learn more about his condition everyday, thank you all so much for helping him and us in this difficult time.”

The Foreign Office were first approached on Friday but have not been able, or prepared, to provide a comment on the case.

Monex Europe declined to provide any further comment.

Michael Sullivan suffered terrible injuries in the Ukraine crash

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