Tuesday, August 16, 2022
NewsHilarious moment van photobombs dad as he films goalie son saving free...

Hilarious moment van photobombs dad as he films goalie son saving free kick

HILARIOUS video shows a proud dad photobombed by a van at the precise moment his goalkeeper son saved a free kick.

The clip shows the young goalie organising his defensive wall and getting poised ready to deal with the incoming ball.

But at the exact moment the ball is kicked, the moment is lost to posterity as a bright red works van drives into shot, blocking the entire frame, and stops.

Devastated dad Michael Whelan, 49, can be heard muttering: “F****** nice one.”

The video was posted to Twitter by Josh Whelan, 20, on Sunday following his brother, Ben’s, game in Birkenhead, Merseyside.

Josh added the caption: “Me dad recording our Ben in goal today, wait til the end”.

Josh and Michael from The Wirral, Merseyside were watching Ben play for Eastham rangers colts F.C. in a game against Trident F.C.

The video shows Josh and his dad watching Ben, 19, from their car across the road from the pitch as the players prepare for a free-kick.

Ben is in goal wearing the number 35 green shirt, as the opposing team in orange line-up the free-kick on the edge of the 18-yard box.

What appear to be a normal set-up for a set piece takes a turn for the unusual for Josh and his dad.

Amidst the shouting from the players on the pitch a faint droning noise can be heard getting louder and louder.

Just as the whistle blows for the free-kick and the player in orange makes his run up a red van appears in front of Josh and his dad obscuring the view.

The video has been viewed over one million times and the perfectly timed obstruction has got many people in stitches.

Blackwellgeorge said: “Opposition parking the bus as per usual”.

Malcolmboyle2 added: “Only the Brits eh! Wonderful – though I was looking forward to witnessing the great save”.

Briancanavan1 wrote: “And just then Josè arrived as defensive coach”.

Benlennon99 said: “Greatest thing I’ve seen this yeno Ahahaha”.

Realfliyingpig added: “bet it was a worldie save as well!”.

Josh today confirmed that Ben had made the save from the free-kick

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