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NewsRevolting moment McDonald's worker empties blocked urinal into sink using paper cup

Revolting moment McDonald’s worker empties blocked urinal into sink using paper cup

DISGUSTING footage shows how a McDonald’s employee was instructed to scoop urine out of a blocked urinal with a paper cup.

Kayleigh Greatorex filmed herself as she filled the McDonald’s cup and then emptied the contents in the sink inside the customer toilets.

McDonald’s today admitted that the stomach-churning incident at one of their London stores breached policy as was being investigated.

Mum-of-one Kayleigh, 20, said the incident happened while she was working at the Tower Retail Park in Crayford, Bexley, last year.

Kayleigh, who resigned shortly afterwards, said she was specifically told to empty the cup into the sink.

The short video shows her wearing yellow rubber gloves and holding a McDonald’s cup.

She is then seen scooping the contents of the obviously blocked urinal into the cup.

Kayleigh was instructed to clean up the stagnant urine

She then turns and empties the contents into a sink behind.

Kayleigh then repeats the process a couple more times before ending the video.

She says she was made to completely empty the urinal and that she carried out the same task on another occasion.

Kayleigh used a paper cup to scoop the urine out of the urinal

Kayleigh kept the footage to herself but has finally decided to make it public to highlight what she claims are dubious hygiene standards at the branch.

She posted the video on Facebook, complaining her “job is a joke” and “cannot be normal” and claiming the firm cannot be “f***** to call a plumber.”

One social media user responded: “Refuse next time they don’t pay you enough!”

She emptied the urine down the sink

Another user said: “I think head office would like to know that the sink customers wash their hands in is being used as a urinal.”

Another Facebook user said: “I work for McDonald’s and I have to deal with this all the time. We don’t get paid enough to be cleaning urinals and damn toilets.”

Speaking today, Kayleigh, who lives in Forest Gate, Newham, said: “I was assigned to the floor and was told to clean the toilets which wasn’t my job.

“I was told to ‘go and get a cup and pour it down the sink’ which I know myself isn’t normal.

Many people were horrified by the what they saw

“Surely it would have been more hygienic to pour it in the toilet? I also asked the shift manager, ‘Shouldn’t you call the plumber?’

“The next day I was told to do the same thing again and it was flooded again.”

She added: “I ended up walking out of that place. I didn’t get paid enough for doing that.

“It wasn’t hygienic and it’s just not nice. I was told, ‘If you don’t like it then just go home’.

Kayleigh shortly resigned afterwards

“They have no respect for their workers, they just don’t care for their team members. It’s vile.”

Mcdonald’s confirmed that they were investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: “Hygiene and safety are of paramount importance to us, and we ensure the toilets in our restaurants remain at the highest standards of cleanliness by having them checked frequently and cleaned whenever necessary.

McDonald’s confirmed one of their London stores breached hygiene rules

“In this case, the actions taken were clearly not in line with our policies or the training our people receive. We are currently looking into this incident.”

Last week, a customer was outraged after finding “human poo” on the floor of the McDonald’s toilets.

Last week, Ben Terry revealed he was disgusted after finding the faeces on the toilet floor of the Forest Gate branch in Newham. McDonald’s said that incident was resolved quickly and professionally by their restaurant crew.

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