Monday, May 16, 2022
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“Silly a***!” Hilarious moment impatient white van man gets instant karma after queue-jumping

HILARIOUS footage shows the moment an impatient white van driver get instant karma after jumping a long queue of traffic.

The road hog forces his way to the front of the queue after driving past around 100 metres of stationary traffic.

But the gain is more than wiped out a few moments later when the driver blunders into a coned-off area and is forced to a half.

The driver who caught the priceless moment on her dashcam can be heard yelling “silly a***” before bursting into laughter.

Hayley Girdler, 27, was driving near Raynes Park, London, when she captured funny footage on Monday.

The van tried to jump ahead of the queue

The clip begins with the cars queuing at a busy junction with hatched markings on the ground.

A white van, bearing the logo of a firm called Mitie, then drives up on the left and barges in ahead of Hayley.

But a short while after passing the lights the van driver fails to spot a keep right sign and blunders into a dead end.

As Hayley, from Sutton, London, speeds past the stuck van, she can be heard saying: “Where are you going. Where are you going?”

She then shouts: “Silly a***” before laughing uproariously.

Hayley can be heard saying ““Silly a***”

A spokeswoman for road safety website SWD, who obtained the footage, said: “Karma has won here, however it’s perhaps not a good idea to be doing this, in a works liveried vehicle.

“It’s also a concern, that he never noticed the large arrow pointing to the right.

“Bullying your way in by pushing in to a line of traffic is just rude. Had he put his indicator on, he’d have been let in but he had to just push in like a bully.

“I, however, find the more worrying part the fact he did not have his headlights on at all at the start of the clip, so was driving in the dark, without being illuminated.”

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