Friday, July 1, 2022
NewsMoment dumper truck driver almost wipes out unsuspected motorist in roadworks

Moment dumper truck driver almost wipes out unsuspected motorist in roadworks

VIDEO shows the careless driver of a dumper truck driver almost take out a motorist in the middle of roadworks.

The workman fails to indicate or even check over his shoulder as he pulls to the left to make a swinging right turn into the coned-off area.

The driver of the car behind shows incredible reflexes to swerve out of the way of the turning vehicle, missing disaster by a few inches.

The video was taken by Ben Hemstock who captured the incident on his dash cam in roadworks in Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire.

Ben, from Nottingham, posted his video to Facebook with the caption: “Close call in Huthwaite!”.

The video shows Ben driving behind a white Peugeot which is nestled behind the yellow dumper truck.

As Ben reaches the top of the hill Peugeot is ready to overtake the dumper truck at a junction as the dumper truck appeared to be stopping on the left hand side of the road.

The dumper truck appeared to stop on the left hand side of the road

Suddenly the dumper truck turns sharply to the right just as the white Peugeot is in front of the truck’s hopper.

The hopper nearly plows into the white Peugeot as both vehicles were forced to take evasive action.

The Peugeot was able to swerve to the right as it carried on forward, and the dumper truck driver braked immediately avoiding a potentially catastrophic crash.

The dumper truck was inches from crashing into the Peugeot

Ben can be heard in the video shouting “Woah! F***** hell” in amazement and then “Jesus” as Ben turns right on the junction.

Ben’s wife, Claire Hemstock, commented on the video: “Omg what an idiot”.

Ben said today: “Whilst driving through the roadworks the car in front of me went round a dumper truck that had moved to the left of the road.

Both drivers were forced to take evasive action

“Unfortunately the dumper truck was only moving to swing wide and turn right the dumper truck driver didn’t indicate and nearly wiped out the Peugeot”.

A spokesman for SWD, a road safety website which obtained the footage, said: “Indicators are installed on all vehicles, including dumper trucks and are free to use.

“Had the dumper truck driver used his indicators to let the driver of the white car know he was going right, this would never have happened.”

Ben said the dumper truck nearly wiped out the Peugeot

The spokesman also criticised the roadworker for not checking over his shoulder, adding: “Hopefully the dumper driver will pay more attention in future.”

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