Bus driver suspended after shocking images show him reading while driving


A STAGECOACH driver has been suspended from duty after shocking images were posted to social media of him reading behind the wheel.

The image shows the double decker driver holding the steering with one hand while looking at a sheet of white paper which he is holding in the other.

Even worse, he is driving on a bridge crossing over the A1M in Cambridgeshire while failing to pay full attention to the road.

A video of the shocking incident captured on the 6th November shows the bus driver reading his paperwork for a few seconds before putting it down to watch the road.

The driver who caught the image posted it to social media with the caption: “Shocking standards from a local Stagecoach driver.”

Stagecoach confirmed on Thursday the driver was suspended until their investigation into the issue was complete and he would be disciplined.

The dashcam driver who wishes to remain anonymous has received “serious threats” after posting a picture of a bus driver reading behind the wheel.

But the post has been taken offline after several social media users abused the dashcam driver, including calling him a “grassing t**t”. Another said he hoped the bus driver “stamped all over his face”.

The image shows the double decker driver holding the steering with one hand while looking at a sheet of white paper which he is holding in the other.

The image was taken on the Tollbar Way bridge crossing over the A1M Peterborough to Huntingdon road on Tuesday at lunchtime.

Speaking today, the anonymous poster said: “I’m shortly going to be deleting it from Facebook as I’ve been getting some serious threats from it.

“He was reading paperwork at the wheel and carrying paying passengers from Peterborough to Huntingdon. This driver should lose his PSV license and job.”

But most responses were critical of the poster rather than the bus driver.

Ian Hunt said:” Sad b******d get a life. At least he gets out of bed and does a job. Why not go out and grass on real criminals you t**t ? Because they might give you a slap. Ha ha, p**k.

“Let’s just hope the driver you get the sack has got a pair of balls and knocks on your door and stamps all over your face.”

Frederick Paul Eley said:: “This is the c***k womble who is so f****** perfect and feels the need to get a bloke sacked at Xmas you total f******* w*****.

“And if you feel victimised by this comment and others take a long hard look at what you are doing you a**e.

“Feel free to comment or even inbox me you self righteous p***k”.

A close-up of the paperwork he was reading

Allan McConnell posted: “You’re a grassing t**t, I suppose you’re squeaky clean yourself. Get a life.”

Andrew Buckingham added: “Grassing t**t. The driver’s doing a service . I bet you’re not perfect. Karma will get you one day. Maybe a bus.”

However, some Facebook users have defended the anonymous user’s post

Alex Brooke wrote: “He’s f*****g reading and driving. A f*****g bus. No excuse, boot him.

Bryan Smith said: “He’s reading people. Taking his eyes of the road and reading as bad as using your phone to text messages.”

A spokeswoman for Stagecoach said: “We expect the highest safety standards from our employees at all times.

“We were very concerned when these images were brought to our attention and we are looking into the circumstances with the driver involved who will be subject to our internal disciplinary procedures.”

Stagecoach yesterday (Thurs) released a second statement in which they revealed the bus driver had been suspended.

Andy Campbell, Managing Director at Stagecoach East said: “The safety of our customers is our highest priority.

“We do not tolerate any action from any employee that may compromise the safety of our customers.

“Drivers must remain focused and alert at all times while in control of the vehicle and therefore, we are very concerned to learn of this reported incident.

“We have identified the driver of this bus and will be interviewing him under the company’s disciplinary procedure.

“He will not be driving in service until our investigation is complete.”