Moment Scot painfully fails to demolish bus shelter – on Remembrance Sunday morning


VIDEO shows a young Scot painfully fail to demolish a bus shelter – on Remembrance Day morning.

While the rest of the country was preparing to remember the fallen of the Great War, the mystery man launches himself at full speed into the shelter in Glasgow.

But instead of wrecking the structure in a shower of glass – as has been seen in other videos – the yob bounces straight off and lands on his back.

The clip was filmed by Hayden Smith in Stepps and was shared to Twitter the same day captioned with: “F****** send it.”

In the short clip a man in a grey polo shirt is seen running at the shelter from about 20 metres away to get up maximum speed.

He leaps into the air and crashes into the shelter, shoulder-first, with a loud bang.

But the lout ricochets off the structure and is thrown hard on to the wet pavement.

The video has been viewed 70,000 times with nearly 3,000 likes and around 700 retweets since it was posted on Sunday.

@moultriebrad posted: “He definitely used to eat the berries off the bushes when he was a wain.”

@samcooke82 said: “Remember when I fractured my elbow doing this.”

@stephenk_94 wrote: “He’s finished with laughing faces.”

@lauradempseyyy added: “I hope that f****** hurt.”