Ghostly figure spotted in remembrance day photos


A FAMILY snap taken outside a church on Remembrance Sunday has gone viral after a spooky figure was spotted in the background.

Two pictures taken a few seconds apart show a strange, dark figure suddenly appear behind the group.

The first picture shows the empty church backround.

The snaps were taken after the service at St Laurence Church, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, and posted on social media.

Ryan Leavesley, who is seen with his son and nephew, wrote: “This picture was taken within seconds today at Long Eaton church.

“What is in the background is unexplainable and we didn’t notice until it was pointed out.”

In the pictures, which show Ryan, 31, his son, Hayden, 12, and his nephew, Zak, 10, were taken between three to five seconds apart.

In the second picture, an unidentified figure is lurking

Among those to respond on social media was @Miss_Danielle82, who wrote: “That’s so weird.”

@em_thomas8 posted: “Ghosts are real promise you. This is why I’m scared of that place.”

@Jasonforster19 said: “Spooky mate.”

@mrsbrown86 posted: “I’m glad I’ve seen this today and not last night before I went to bed. That’s so freaky.”

Others were sceptical and even suggested there had been trickery.

@tomlinsonrob1 wrote: “Photoshop all over it. Zoom in and image colour too detailed and also legs are to sharp for whole pic. Nice try though.

@ForestRelated added: “Fake as f***.”

@footybernard wrote: “I can explain it: someone was standing there.”

@JordAvfc said: “I can only imagine they’ve come from behind the church, which would explain facing forward. It’s just because it’s a weird looking thing if it was a normal person you wouldn’t think twice.”

A close up of the creepy figure in the backround

Speaking today (Tues) Ryan said:“People are saying it’s Photoshopped. I wish it was. It has to just be someone walked around the corner at that exact moment.

“We didn’t take much notice of the picture until someone pointed out to us the person in the back ground that evening.

“Once we looked and saw the person we were really shocked and felt uneasy because we then noticed the person was not in the other picture taken a few seconds before.”

He continued: “We then felt really spooked out. Their was five of us there and none of us noticed the person in the background. ”

“We were there a minute or so after the photo was taken and non of us saw anything.

“The pictures were 3-5 seconds apart. As you can see we haven’t moved our feet position.”

Adela Leavesley, Ryan’s sister, took the picture. Adela, 29, from Shepshed, Leicestershire, said: “It was literally a couple of seconds between the photos. I don’t recall seeing anyone behind them.”