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Moment youngster in luxury car abandons road rage stand off when he’s accused of being “drunk”

DRAMATIC video shows a mystery youngster in designer clothes and a luxury car backing out of a road rage battle when witnesses accuse him of being drunk.

The driver, who appears to be in his early 20s, is behind the wheel of a £40,000 Mercedes with private plates.

He is driving in a narrow residential road in Banknock, near Falkirk, when he comes up against another driver and a stand-off ensues.

The young driver, wearing shades, refuses to reverse and even lurches towards the dashcam vehicle. He then makes obscene gestures out of the window.

But when he gets out of the car to confront his foe, witnesses intervene and accuse the man of being drunk. At this point he gets back in the Mercedes C class, reverses, and leaves the scene.

The driver after erratically driving right in front of the filming car, rudely gestures out the window.

The video, which was taken on November 4, begins with the Mercedes driver driving up Laburnum Road in Banknock.

As the two cars come head to head, the young driver immediately starts trying to tell the other driver to reverse back.

After both drivers appear to not be letting the other pass, the young man in the white Mercedes then decides to drive even closer to the car.

Following more time spent in the car, he then decides to get out his car and confront the driver, at which point several cars have piled up behind the young man.

The young driver “stumbles” out of the car and confronts the gathering drivers.

When the young man gets out of his car he appears to stagger out before turning towards the dash cam driver.

At this point, several other drivers have left their cars to see what’s happening.

The young man appears to argue with other drivers at the scene about who should have to reverse before eventually returning to his car and reversing out the way to let the other car past.

Speaking about the incident, the anonymous dash cam driver claimed the wealthy young driver had been drinking.

He said:“I did phone 101 as family in car were rather hysterical telling me to reverse. My partner stormed off as didn’t have far to walk.

After a brief confrontation, the driver returns to the car and reverses away.

“I was still waiting for a answer on 101, and when the driver approached me I realised he was under the influence – I immediately hung up and phoned 999 to be put to voicemail.”

“I phoned 101 later from my mum’s waited 5 mins and I gave up.”

Somebody else close to the scene also claimed the Mercedes driver was under the influence.

He said: “I don’t think he stays in Banknock but was at a house directly across from mine.

“He was an absolute idiot who was still drunk from the night before.

“He was sitting in the road trying to get a taxi driver to move out the way even though he had the right of way – he was shouting abuse at him I was in my car behind the Mercedes.

“I got out of my car to tell them to move and he got out his car shouting at the taxi driver again. I asked him if he had been drinking because I could smell it off him he said no, no I’ve not been.

“I spoke to the taxi driver who started to ring for the police and he suddenly jumped back in his car and reversed back up the street and away.”

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