Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Cop pokes fun at himself by posing next to sign warning: “Do not feed the pigs”

A HILARIOUS photo shows the moment a police officer pokes fun at himself by posing next to a sign that says “do not feed the pigs”.

The funny image shows “PC Allen” of Hampshire Police crouching down in a countryside farm pouting in disappointment at the pig sign.

The caption along with the photo says: “PC Allen was taking things too personally while out on patrol today. #RuralCops #SeemsABitHarsh.”

The picture was uploaded to Test Valley Rural Police’s Twitter account and has received an overwhelming response on social media.

Believed to have been taken in the Test Valley area of Hampshire, the photo shows the officer kneeling down, pointing up at the sign which is placed on the back of a shed.

The red sign with white writing says: “Warning. Do not feed the pigs or attempt to handle them.”

“PC Allen” appeared to poke fun at himself by posing next to the sign (Credit – Test Valley Rural Police/

“PC Allen” who is kitted out in his full uniform, appears to be looking very upset at the sign.

The post has received more than 250 favourites and nearly 40 retweets on Twitter.

There were also more than 15 comments from people who found the photo hilarious.

Elizabeth Jane Sanders said: “gingerly gives PC Allen a biscuit and pets on head”

Laura Roberts commented: “But he’s a cute one, I would of ignored the sign and fed him.”

Emma Hatcher said: “Love this!”

Fran Luxton said: “Aw sending hugs.”

Another Twitter user said: “Glad he can joke and laugh about it, brilliant.”

Test Valley Rual Police’s post received a huge response on social media (Credit – Test Valley Rural Police/

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