Hilarious moment Diesel the dog ruins heavily pregnant woman’s “relaxing” bath


HILARIOUS video shows a heavily pregnant woman’s “relaxing” bath ruined – when her dog jumps in.

The video was taken by Connie White from Falkirk as she was taking a relaxing bath yesterday.

Connie, who is 39 weeks pregnant, got the shock of her life when Diesel leapt without warning into the bath.

20-year-old Connie posted the video on Twitter yesterday and has since been viewed over 1.4m people.

Connie got the shock of her life when her dog decided to jump in the tub with her. 

Her post said: “Cannot believe I was trying to have a nice relaxing bath and this happens”.

The video shows Connie have a relaxing time in her bath. However, her video is captioned with “Mate no chance” giving the impression something is about to happen.

Suddenly Diesel from out of nowhere jumps into the bath with Connie and immediately tries to keep himself afloat splashing around the tub.

In disbelief Connie shouts “Oh my god!” as Diesel was able to get himself out of the bath.

Connie today said that she left the door open because Diesel would have cried.

The 20-year-old was screaming “Oh my god!” throughout the video  

The video has left many people wondering if their dogs might do the same thing.

Issycsouthern said: “I’m dying imagining if bronson did this”.

Amybarry_ added: “Hope Jodie’s dog Sam does this next bath time”.

LarissaRalph wrote: “My frenchie always pops his head up to check on me! I’m now going to be waiting for him to do this they are the best dogs”.

Connie said: “We were home alone so I had to leave the door open otherwise he would cry.

“I was in the bath and he normally pops his wee head up to check up on me and that’s what I wanted to get a video of! Then obviously he came flying in the bath.

“My bath is literally triple is height and I don’t have a clue how he done it. I’m currently off on maternity leave as I’m 39 weeks pregnant, maybe why he wanted to be so close to me”.

Connie said she had to leave the door open for Diesel, as ‘otherwise he would cry’