Thursday, August 11, 2022
UncategorizedHow AI is Transforming the Scottish E-Commerce Community

How AI is Transforming the Scottish E-Commerce Community

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The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is generally associated with science fiction movies and futuristic cartoons. However, it is important to realise that such systems are already firmly in place across the digital community. From popular (although simplistic) interfaces such as Cleverbot to dedicated mobile shopping applications, consumers are coming to rely upon the intuitive nature of such tools. However, 2019 could very well represent the year when artificial intelligence truly transforms the world of Scottish e-commerce. What are some of the advancements that we should expect and how will these innovations benefit online retail businesses throughout the country?

Addressing the Needs of Buyers and Sellers

We should first be clear that AI is not set to resemble the HAL 9000 computer from the famous 2001 and 2010 film franchise. This system is instead being designed with a superior sense of practicality in mind. Artificial intelligence is primarily implemented to expedite interactions between buyers and sellers. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished. Some examples include:

  • A more in-depth presentation of products.
  • Smart search functions based off of past shopping history.
  • Automated and personalised email campaigns.
  • The use of clever “bots” to communicate with customers.


Modern ecommerce platforms are employing AI to enhance the organic experience of the end user as opposed to completely removing humans from the equation. Scottish businesses will leverage such methods in order to appeal to their client base. AI is also likely to impact the ways in which analytics (such as the interpretation of big data) are carried out; leading to superior levels of clarity and insight. We should expect to witness incredible advancements in the coming year and yet, not all enterprises will be on the same page. Why is choosing the best e-commerce provider a critical component of the equation?

Enterprise-Level Customisation Options

E-commerce solutions are as varied as the businesses that they intend to support. This is why making the correct choice from the very beginning is critical. Providers such as Shopify are known for their ability to embrace the latest AI trends and these are thereafter passed on to the customer in question. However, the mere presence of artificial intelligence alone is hardly sufficient. This approach should be utilised in synergy with other dynamic tools including:

  • Superior levels of inventory control.
  • Uncapped bandwidth and countless modification possibilities.
  • Multi-channel sales possibilities (such as Amazon and Instagram).
  • Numerous third-party shipping applications.
  • A host of different electronic payment gateways.

In other words, the presence of artificial intelligence is only a small segment of the entire e-commerce “puzzle”. Scottish businesses which are capable of realising the potential impact of such technologies should perform well during 2019 and well beyond. There is no doubt that a number of economic challenges will likely present themselves in the coming year. Successful enterprises possess the capability of identifying such hurdles so that they can be overcome in a timely fashion.

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