Shocked Superdrug customer finds “Stanley knife with blade exposed” in middle of store


A SHOCKED Superdrug customer has posted an image of a utility knife with its blade apparently exposed left unattended in a store.

The picture appears to show the knife, with its blade apparently exposed, lying on top of boxes.

The photo was taken by customer Nicola Jane Hüner in the Superdrug store in the Metrocentre, Gateshead on November 7th.

Nicola posted the image to the Superdrug Facebook page saying she was “Absolutely disgusted” by the presence of an unattended “Stanley knife”.

Nicola posted: “Absolutely disgusted to see this knife left out unattended in the middle of your busy Metrocentre store.

Nicola found the knife sitting on top of cardboard boxes

“It does not bear thinking about what could have happened if a child got hold of this. This could have easily turned someone’s shopping trip in to their worst nightmare.

“I would have thought it was common sense not to leave such a dangerous object unattended however clearly your staff need training.

“I have emailed and had no response so now posting here in the hope that something will be done to avoid serious harm coming to anyone in the future”.

The photograph shows the green knife circled in white on top of a pile of cardboard boxes stationed on a trolley.

Nicola complained on the Superdrug Facebook page

It appears to show the blade of the knife without its protective cover.

The trolley appears to be unsupervised as it is surrounded by Superdrug display deals.

Her post has received a lot of angry responses from people who believe this should be taken up the chain of command.

Rachel Rockett said: “Absolutely disgraceful! A Stanley knife! They should be sacked… so dangerous. They shouldn’t be allowed to use them in the first place so it needs to go higher!”.

Many people were disgusted to find the knife unattended

Karen White added: “Never! Dare not begin to imagine what could have happened if a child had picked it up unnoticed…terrible i’m disgusted!”.

Stevianne May Bage wrote: “With the blade out too, how stupid are these people”.

Selina Saville said: “They should not be allowed on the shop floor, we use small retractable spring knifes at work that are attached to us at all times by a plastic spring, someone need to be accountable for this and not just the member of staff who has left it there, why were they given this to use?

“Why were they allowed to take it in the shop floor, lots of questions to be asked here! Sort it out Superdrug”.

The blade is believed to be out on the retractable knife

Colleen Norfolk added: “That’s disgraceful, absolutely ridiculous!”.

Superdrug’s Facebook communications team responded: “Hi Nicola, We take this matter very seriously. Would you be able to Private Message me so we can discuss this further”.

A spokesman from Superdrug said: “We take the safety of our customers extremely seriously and can assure them we have strict processes in place for colleagues unpacking deliveries in our stores.

“Obviously at such a busy time of year our colleagues are very busy ensuring products and gifts are available on our shelves and we’ve reminded them of the correct safety procedures”.