Shocking moment bus driver overtakes to jump red – six seconds after light changes


A BUS driver has been caught on camera overtaking stationary cars to drive through a red light – six seconds after it turned from amber.

The driver even managed to indicate the wrong way as he made the illegal and dangerous left turn at the junction.

And in his rush to jump the light, the driver overtook two knights of the road helping to push a nurse in her broken-down car safely off the same road.

The shocking clip was filmed in Crewe, Cheshire on November 6, by 43-year-old Danny Worthington.

It shows the number 31 bus approaching a junction with cars in front and a van parked near the lights, the occupants of which are helping push a broken down car off the road.

The light turns from amber to red but rather than stop, the bus drives past a stationary car, the men helping the break down, and their van.

The bus swings into the oncoming lane and passes through the red light at least six seconds after it turns red, showing the wrong indicator throughout.

The bus approaching the junction just before the traffic lights turn red

Danny posted: “A nurse ( uniform was under her coat ) has broken down and a Handy Man builder has stopped his van to help push her to safety, there was also a small child in the back seat.

Top blokes for that. Then the Bus driver not only runs a red light but overtakes a car stopping for the red light also.

“I suppose this short clip shows both sides of society today.”

Two men can been pushing a nurse’s car as the bus overtakes the stationary traffic

Brian Mckeown responded: “I would say passing a stationary car to jump a red light,is not only illegal but putting his passengers and other motorists at risk, he should lose his licence, there is no excuse for his actions”.

Daniel Watson-Marsh added: “That bus driver shouldn’t be on the road. Definitely report them!”

Andrew Brown wrote: “Rule 223 of the Highway Code, give priority (doesn’t say you must) and it’s not law, and I agree with others, bus drivers think they own the road and personally those ones I’ve met are absolute ******* just saying”.

The incident took place on Hightown in Crewe

Lewis Foote said: “Typical bus driver w******. Should be reported, they all think they own the bloody road”.

Danny said today: “To be honest it p***** me off, that a so called professional driver that claims to drive to a high standard did this.

“The lady had a nurse’s uniform on and was in a pickle causing a huge traffic jam.

“The two guys were obviously assisting her, and the bus rather than wait and give them room to push, chose to bully past them and the car that stopped at the lights.

The bus was indicating right, but turned left

“Personally I thought the van driver and his mate should have been commended as acts like this these days are few and far between”.

Danny said that the bus driver’s actions didn’t help the stress of this situation.

He added: “They were struggling as the bus passes them and their feet look to be in the road but the bus chose to pass them anyway.”

Danny captured the video on his dash cam

Cheshire Police are launching an investigation into the incident.

A spokesman from Cheshire Police said: “This video has now been passed to our roads policing team for review, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage”.