Stagboys: hilarious snap shows magnificent deer “waiting” at station made famous by Trainspotting


HILARIOUS pictures show a stag patiently waiting at a remote Scottish railway station made famous by the movie Trainspotting.

Jennifer Boyle snapped the magnificent beast appearing to wait patiently at Corrour station, at the exact spot Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Tommy rolled up in the 1996 classic.

The Highland station, an 11km walk to the nearest road of any kind, is where Ewan McGregor spoke the immortal line: “It’s s***e being Scottish.”

But Jennifer’s stag looked happy enough to wait for the next train – there are just three a day – at what is the highest mainline station in the UK.

The stag is captured on the famous station platform

Jennifer, 30, from Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, posted the picture along with a post that said: “Didn’t expect to see this wee guy waiting for the train.”

Rikki Napier responded: “If you had been there a few years ago you might have seen Ewan McGregor instead haha.”

Ddvae Wwhitte commented: “Do you think that deer is thinking it’s s***e being Scottish?”

Other comments were making puns at a stag waiting for a train.

Jen Boyle posted the picture on Facebook

Stuart Smith said: “He’s going on a stag do.”

William Munro commented: “Excellent picture, but I bet he didn’t get on the train as the fare would be too deer.”

Thomas Cunningham said: “He’s waiting on the train his pal Ven is on…”

Paul Rashid commented: “It’s a deer train fair up from Dalmuir 24 quid return, but worth it to see this deer place again, might be a stag party soon. Lol.”

Some comments included cheeky puns

Davy Mcdonald said: “I knew the trains were getting deer.”

Bob Reid said: “Typical Scotrail, late again.”

Speaking today, Jennifer from Kirkintilloch, said she couldn’t believe she could see the stag trying to copy Ewan McGregor.

She said: “I initially thought it was a statue because he was so still.

Online reaction brought some humorous comments

“I was really calm, not phased by the people on the other side.”

Asked what she thought the likes of Ewan McGregor and Jonny Lee Miller would think of the stag’s appearance she said: “I’m sure they would love it.”