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Bizarre moment lamb perches on 20ft-high barn and watches flock “without a care in the world”

AMAZING video shows a daredevil lamb standing on a roof 20ft above a stone path.

The intrepid lamb spent at least 90 minutes surveying the rest of the flock from its lofty perch on the barn roof in Lancashire.

It’s thought the eight-month-old managed to leap at least 4ft to get on to a lower part of the roof and then climbed to the top.

Alan Gill ended up putting his sheepdog on to the roof in an unsuccessful bid to chase the lamb down. Eventually it came down under its own steam.

Alan, 22, filmed the remarkable sight at his family farm’s in Sadden in the Ribble Valley.

He posted the video with the caption: “There’s always one that’s hard work”.

The video opens on the rustic barn before panning left to show the lamb perched on the roof.

The sheep was 20ft above the ground

As Alan zooms in, the lamb turns its head to look directly at him.

Holly Anne Evans wrote on social media: “What the hell. Clearly he heard he was off to the supermarket and not in a good way.”

Rachel Devine added: “Just another evening working with sheep.”

The sheep stayed up on the barn roof for one and a half hours

John Finch wrote: “Lamb prices are high?”

Alan said today: “My reaction was, how the hell am I going to get that down?”

He added: “We put the sheepdog up to see if it could get it down but it couldn’t so we left it and it jumped back down after one and a half hours up.

Alan discovered the sheep on the roof whilst he was herding the rest of the flock

“It seem fairly happy up there. It just watched us sort all the sheep out for an hour and half with no care in the world.

“it’s definitely the most mischievous sheep we’ve got! It’s forever being mischievous”.

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