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Shocking moment female crook steals pension cash from disabled OAP minutes after she collected it

THE shocking moment a sneak thief steals a disabled OAP’s pension cash has been released by her outraged family.

Linda Williams, 70, collected £120 in cash and is believed to have been followed to a nearby shop in Hackney, London, where the crook pounced.

The clip clearly shows a young woman shielding her movements as she puts her hand inside Linda’s bag and grabs the money.

The video was posted by her granddaughter, Jessie Williams, who said she was “disgusted” by what had happened to her grandmother.

The clip was filmed on Monday in what is believed to be a pound shop in Mare Street and shows Linda browsing the shelves with her bag placed inside a walking frame.

Linda Williams, 70, was shopping in a pound shop in hackney when the incident happened

As Linda turns around, a woman who appears to be in her late 20s or early 30s, with black hair and wearing a long jacket, can be seen staring intently at the bag.

Using an unidentified object to shield her actions, she reaches into her bag and tries to snatch the purse.

Linda looks up at the woman, who deftly withdraws her hand and pretends to examine items on display.

When Linda moves to pick up a plate, the thief quickly moves to grab the purse.

Jessie, who filmed the clip from CCTV, can be heard saying: “That’s my nan’s money.”

Linda briefly looked up, but the woman was quickly able to divert her attention

Jessie, who believes at least one other woman was involved in the crime, posted the images with the caption: “They move like professional pickpockets. If anyone knows these girls or knows where they live or hang around please inform me.”

She added: “My nan has shopped in Mare Street for over 12 years every week without fail now she doesn’t even want to go to her local shop.

“They are targeting vulnerable woman, guys please get this out there!”

Jessie posted the video to help try and catch the who did this to her ‘nan’

Tracie Louise Woolford responded: “This makes me so angry, nasty scum bags. Give nan my love Jess. Hope these b******s are caught.”

Atrat Shah said: “Disgusting, hope they get caught.”

Mumtaz Khalick said: “Disgusting! Hope they get caught soon before they prey on more vulnerable people.”

Mimi Ward sad: “If it was me I’d wait there tomorrow for them, it’s obviously a hotspot for the lowlife to pickpocket off vulnerable people.”

Speaking today, 22-year-old Jessie described that her beloved nan has not been the same since the incident took place and she raised her children in the house across from where she was robbed.

She said: “I went to see her after it happened, she was white as a ghost.

“You just don’t expect a woman to do that to another lady.

“She won’t go anywhere after it happened and I won’t be surprised if she starts writing out a list and gets us to do her shopping for her.”

The 22-year-old also said her grandmother looked ‘as pale as a ghost’ after the incident

The Metropolitan police today confirmed they were trying to hunt down the pickpocket.

A spokesman said: “We are looking into the matter. Our officers in Hackney are working to apprehend the suspect.”

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