Brutal video shows “bouncers” fight drinkers outside Benidorm bar – a month after previous incident


BRUTAL video footage shows “bouncers” involved in a vicious street brawl with customers outside a Benidorm bar.

Several people are punched to the ground and then repeatedly kicked in the fight outside the Red Lion Bar, which was at the centre of similar claims a month ago.

The footage was taken on November 12 and posted online by Mick Ramsden, from Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The footage has gone viral, attracting 250,000 views and generating outrage among commentators, several of whom claim it shows heavy-handed doormen meting out needless violence.

Several people were punched to the ground outside the Red Lion pub in Benidorm

The clip begins with a group of mostly men exiting the door in a huddle.

A few people push each other and there is a brief standoff before a man wearing all black bearhugs a man in the middle of the group.

This sets off more pushing and shoving and soon there are fists thrown.

Eventually different clusters of people break off, with men in heavy black jackets punching and kicking people on the ground. .

In the background, Queen’s seminal pop tune Don’t Stop Me Now can be heard blaring in the background.

Queen’s classic ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ can be heard whilst the fighting took place

The camera turns to the left to see one man curled up on the road as he is kicked by two other men with black trousers.

Turning back to the front entrance of the bar there are more revellers being kicked full force as they lie on the ground.

One man in a blue t-shirt and shorts can be seen getting punched in the head and knocked to the ground multiple times by men wearing black jackets.

On the right hand side a woman can be seen pushing back a man to stay away from the carnage.

Again, the man in the blue t-shirt stands up before being punched to the head and knocked to the ground by a man wearing a black top.

The video has received more than 250,000 views

Linda Crawford responded online: “This is shocking.”

Julie Queenie said: “Boycott the bar, they have employed that pack of dogs. Shameful.”

Karen Connor Shanks commented: “Hopefully this can be reported to someone in authority. There is no need to beat the s*** out of someone to gain control.”

Stacey McBroom wrote: “Absolutely disgusting. Hope everyone the bouncers attacked are ok.”

Denise App said “Bloody Red Lion again. Shut it down. Bouncers there are evil b******s. Shouldn’t be in the job hitting kicking folk when they are down on the floor. Animals behave better than them knobs.”

Steven Skinner added: “Should all be sacked every single one of them. They should be calming the situation down not putting the boot in.”

Denise App called for the pub to be “shut down”

Last month, fighting was filmed erupting outside the same bar, with bouncers accused of violence.

Men wearing black t-shirts with RRPP emblazoned on the back could be seen punching and kicking revellers.

RRPP describes itself as a public relations company working on behalf of Benidorm nightclubs.