Wednesday, May 18, 2022
NewsSir Chris Hoy posts adorable clips of son, 4, on first "proper"...

Sir Chris Hoy posts adorable clips of son, 4, on first “proper” bike – and no stabilisers in sight

SIR Chris Hoy has shared adorable footage of his son, four, riding a “proper” bike – without stabilisers.

The cycling legend posted footage of Callum beaming as he confidently rides along.

The child was born 11 weeks early in October 2014, was shown by his father using one of his own branded bikes.

British Olympian Sir Chris Hoy shared the adorable footage of his son yesterday.

He posted yesterday evening (Sun) on Twitter: “Getting the miles in.”

The legend shared the experience on Instagram of his son on late October of his son pedaling for the first time and then another clip of his son speeding down a rocky road.

He wrote last month: “From balance bike to proper bike! First day with the pedals on, big day for Callum.”

Alison Mckenna, Said: “Much better technique than his Dad. Go Callum.”

The footage shows his son riding a “proper bike” without stabilisers

Mick Ho? added: “Looks like a roubaix for kids on that track …haha.”

Philocphotos said: “Future champion takes his first pedal strokes.”

Andybcom posted: “Well done, Callum. Looking Great there.”

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