Wednesday, August 17, 2022
News"Why is this my boyfriend?" Hilariously bad ice skater goes viral thanks...

“Why is this my boyfriend?” Hilariously bad ice skater goes viral thanks to girlfriend

A BOYFRIEND’S dismal first attempt at ice skating has gone viral after video of his performance was posted online.

Nathan Knowles is seen frantically windmilling his arms as he desperately tries to stay upright, eventually crashing on to the ice.

The clip is accompanied by gales of laughter from his girlfriend, Mollie Haq, from Salford. Greater Manchester, who posted the footage online with the caption: “Why is this my boyfriend?”

The couple, both 20, were ice skating at Manchester Christmas Market on Friday.

Nathan Knowles first attempt at ice skating went viral 

Nathan, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, has been watched almost 400,000 times online and is the subject of 500 comments, very few of them sympathetic.

In the hilarious clip Nathan can be seen trying slipping on the ice as he tries to move around the rink flailing his arms in a bid to balance himself to avoid falling over.

He continues making an effort to get his balance right to allow himself to skate but is seen stretching his legs and flapping his arms constantly.

Eventually Nathan loses his balance after his left leg comes kicks out behind him forcing to land on the ground hitting the left side of his body on the rink before sliding along a bit.

After struggling on the ice he eventually loses his balance and falls onto the ice

Nathan then turns himself onto his knees in a bid to get up from the cold surface but struggles for a few seconds until a passerby in a red jacket decides to help him up from the ice.

@Katiesaaunders wrote: “I’m crying. Bambi on ice.”

@demienglish1998 posted: “So funny. Ice skating is one thing I’m actually good at.”

@megleedsx added: “I’m sat absolutely howling. It’s me hahahahha.”

@Manrikaxo said: “This just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it. Omg.”

Speaking today (Mon) Mollie said: “ It was his first time ice skating. I was laughing so much.

“I had tears streaming down my face because he was being deadly serious when he was trying to ice skate.”

One twitter user said: “I’m crying. Bambi on ice.”

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