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Moment pub pickpocket steals pensioner’s wallet – even though he has his back to him the whole time

REMARKABLE video shows a pickpocket steal a pub customer’s wallet while facing away from his pensioner victim the whole time.

The cunning crook stands in the bar with his back to a seated drinker, pretending to engage in conversation with an accomplice.

Using a jacket draped over his shoulder to disguise his actions, the thief manages to feel his way into the victim’s jacket and pilfer his wallet, containing a “substantial” amount of cash.

The incident was caught on CCTV at the Drum and Monkey pub on Glasgow on Sunday afternoon. Bosses have released the footage in a bid to help catch the crooks.

The video begins with the two men walking into shot and stopping behind the unaware punter sitting down at a table.

The man in the blue shirt, who is standing directly behind the victim, pulls his dark blue jacket around his right shoulder to help hide what he is doing.

Whilst facing towards the camera, he can then be seen reaching down and trying to access the man’s jacket pocket.

The clip shows him clearly trying to open the man’s pocket for at least 30 seconds before eventually getting the wallet and walking away with his accomplice.

The thief stands with his back to his target and shields his actions with his coat

The Drum and Monkey said: “Unfortunately one of our guests was pickpocketed while enjoying lunch. A substantial amount of money was removed from his wallet and the wallet replaced in his jacket.

“This is an unusual occurrence for us but goes to highlight the importance of being vigilant at all times.

“Please share far and wide to hopefully identify these two let’s face it thieving scumbags.”

Martin Connelly, who was sitting with the victim, wrote online: “The victim was an elderly retired colleague living on a pension and it’s sad to think there’s people out there that would do something like this.

The moment was caught on video and uploaded to Facebook by the pub

“I think it’s worth reminding people to be aware of anyone they see acting suspicious even if they are very well presented/dressed.”

Sybil Brown said: “Rotten people.”

Maureen Herriot Donohoe commented: “That was so hard to watch, they are disgusting.”

Mhairi McKinnon said: “These are professionals and most people don’t realise until they’ve left the premisis that they’ve been robbed.

One of the customers that day happened to be at the table of the man pickpocketed

“Well done to the Drum and Monkey for showing this, the majority of premisis try to deny if they’ve bad any criminal activity take place. I hope they get names soon.”

Michelle Montogomery said: “The thing is they’re well dressed, no one would loook twice yet someone who’s had a little rough time of late would be watched like a hawk!”

Police confirmed they were investigating the matter.

A spokeswoman said: “Police were called to a pub on Saint Vincent Street in Glasgow after money was stolen from a customer. Enquiries are ongoing.”

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