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Terrifying moment “d***head” driver overtakes just as ambulance on 999 tries to get past

WARNING: Video contains strong language

SHOCKING video shows the moment a “d***head” driver almost causes a disaster by overtaking at the moment an ambulance on a 999 call is passing.

The careless motorist completely fails to check his mirrors before pulling out to overtake and does not realise the emergency vehicle is bearing down on him.

The clip was caught by an NHS worker who realises what is about to happen and tells the driver: “Behind you, d***head!”

Enraged Jon Rogan continues to berate the motorist even after the ambulance has passed, yelling at him: “You w*****!”

The heart-stopping incident was filmed by Jon, 38, on the A96 between Inverness and Nairn on Saturday.

Jon, from Nairn, has front- and rear-facing dashcams which captured the incident in its entirety.

He posted the clip to social media with the caption: “This just highlights the quality of drivers on the road.

“Im not perfect, and I know that because my wife tells me every day, but I do know what’s going on around me.

The ambulance approaches as the car cuts out in front

“This guy had no idea an ambulance was behind him.”

The video shows the rear view camera from Jon’s dash cam and captures the driver of the silver Peugeot behind him, with an ambulance visible in the background with its lights flashing.

Jon spots the ambulance and immediately begins to slow down to let it past.

However, the Peugeot driver is oblivious to the flashing emergency vehicle and decides to overtake Jon.

Incredibly, the car continues to overtake and stay in front of the ambulance

Quickly realising the danger, Jon says: “Behind you, d***head, look behind you d***head!”

As Jon comes to a near stop, the Peugeot driver continues to overtake at around 40mph, preventing the ambulance from getting past both cars.

Jon slams on his horn to notify the oblivious driver who eventually realises the ambulance behind after the sirens go off.

The Peugeot driver then comes to a near standstill almost causing collision with the ambulance as it clings to the side of the road.

Eventually, the car pulls over

Jon angered by the Peugeot driver yells: “You w*****, to absoluter t****r, w*****!”

On social media, Mark Hawkes wrote: “That guy overtaking was a complete k**b. How can you be that totally unaware of your surroundings?”

Steve Thomas added: “I think the manoeuvre after overtaking was terrible.”

Mat Mcbrien wrote: “How the f*** did he not see the ambulance? Just goes to show how many people aren’t aware of what’s going on around them or bother checking their mirrors.”

The car is berated by the NHS worker for not paying attention

Steve Toomer said: “If the cam car saw it the one behind cam car should have seen it and not overtake.”

Jon today said that he was frustrated by the lack of awareness of the Peugeot driver.

Jon said: “I saw the ambulance as soon as it rounded the bend behind me.

“It was obvious the guy behind me didn’t see it which is why I put on my hazards on and gradually slowed from 43mph to 0mph in 10 seconds if you watch the timer.

Jon Rogan-Josh took to Facebook to vent his fury

“The other driver was oblivious and his passenger glared at me on the way past.

“He only reacted when the ambulance used his bull horn as well as the two tones and lights that were already blaring.

“When he did see him he nearly mounted the grass verge and the ambulance had to brake hard to avoid rear ending him.

“If I saw the ambulance approaching when it rounded the bend then the other driver should have seen it then too, and especially if he checked his mirrors before the overtake which he can’t have done.

Social media reaction supported Jon

He was oblivious and had a complete lack of awareness to his surroundings”.

The Scottish Ambulance Service have urged drivers to be more vigilant whilst on the roads.

A spokesman from the Scottish Ambulance Service said: ““We would encourage all drivers to drive safe at all times and to be mindful of ambulances responding to emergencies”.

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