Scots teenager goes viral after brother posts hilarious snap of his “butchered” hair


A SCOTS teenager has gone viral after his brother shared a hilarious photo of how his hair had been “butchered”.

The snap shows Arran MacKail’s head with the sides shaved down to the skin but with a strip of thick hair on top.

His brother, Liam, captioned the image: “Wee brother has been well and truly butchered by the barber.”

The post also shows Arran’s messages to his ‘family chat’ saying: “Just got a new haircut and it’s so bad. I can’t go to work like.

Arran was not impressed with his new haircut

“Can’t even bring myself to take a picture.”

Arran, 18, from Wilkieston, West Lothian, has suffered trolling on social media with Liam, 22, comparing his head to an iced gem.

The tweet has been favourited more than 9,600 times and hundreds of comments from Twitter users.

Fraser Haxton said: “Tbh same things happened to me before.”

Arran was worried about being seen in public with his new cut

However, others weren’t as understanding.

Mickey C said: “Bet he gave it, ‘Aye that’s spot on pal, perfect cheers’ as they held up the mirror too.”

@rossfunston said: “Looks like they faded his hair wae a pick axe.”

@dalph10 said: “Heaviest cut ever that. I’d be absoulutly wounded.

Brother Liam saw the funnier side

@EMC_9 commented: “Edward scissorhands.”

Earlier this year, a Celtic fan was left with half a haircut after he was thrown out of a Magaluf barbers for throwing up.

The pictures of the nightmare situation were posted by Declan Stower and soon went viral.

Arran today said: “The haircut wasn’t good I knew right away I didn’t like it.”