Amazing video shows skater spin down traffic-packed road – before taking right at roundabout


AMAZING video shows a youth on roller skates perform a spin in the middle of a traffic-packed road – before turning right at a busy roundabout.

Pedestrians and drivers alike looked on in amazement as the daredevil whizzed down the road at the same speed as traffic.

The clip was filmed in the Stoke-on-Trent suburb of Meir on November 16 by a driver who wishes to remain anonymous.

He posted: “Thought I had seen it all. Skaters use roundabouts now. Lol.”

In the short clip, the skater waits for the traffic lights to turn red before he enters the busy town road.

He then speeds down behind a yellow car while executing a graceful spin.

The dashcam car struggles to keep up with the skater who is seen again entering a large roundabout.

Despite the heavy traffic, the skater negotiates a right turn unscathed before carrying on his journey.

The skater can be seen rolling down the busy road

Many users have enjoyed the clip with some complimenting the skater’s moves.

One wrote: “I like it. That skater can move.”

Another said: “Quick build a skater lane.”

One user added: “Haven’t seen someone skating for longer than I can remember. Fruity boots.”

Speaking today, the poster said: “I was shocked to see it but pleasantly surprised by his skills. I got to give him credit for that. I was on my way home from work.

“My cousin who lives near-by has seen him before going down main road but never on the roundabout.”

The skater approaching the roundabout before overtaking the car

A Staffordshire Police spokesman said the incident had not been reported.

Asked if the skater appeared to be breaking the law, the spokesman said: “If we thought that someone roller skating on a road was causing danger to other road users then we send a response.”

He added: “It depends on the circumstances of each individual case. However, we wouldn’t retrospectively look at prosecuting someone for doing this.”