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Moment motorway driver terrorised for four minutes by white man van – who even reverses on M1

SHOCKING video shows a former racing instructor subjected to four minutes of sheer terror at the hands of a crazed van driver – who even reverses at him.

The van driver repeatedly swerves in front of Joss Dickie, brake checks him, and in a moment of complete madness stops on the carriageway and reverses.

The incident happened on October 26 but was only uploaded after Joss, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, said he was given the green light by police.

Joss, 57, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, was driving on the M1 southbound between Wakefield and Barnsley when the van driver began terrorising him after he “tooted his horn” to wake the driver up.

The karaoke entertainer believes that the 11 year-old van could have been sold and the new owner hasn’t removed the labels.

He wrote online: “This could have been absolutely horrifying for someone unused to motorways, or perhaps for less capable drivers.

“Fortunately for me, I have plenty of road experience, and was able to handle this situation well enough until it passed.”

The van repeatedly swerves into Joss

After several incidents in which the van swerves dangerously in front of Joss, the van driver comes to a complete standstill. His reversing light can clearly be seen as Joss takes evasive action.

Joss can be heard reporting the incident to the police as it happens, exclaiming at one point: “Jesus Christ!”

In his desperation to shake off the maniac, Joss pulls off on to the A637 slip road and waits for the van to race past before he crosses the chevrons to rejoin the motorway.

Joss Dickie wrote on social media: “Happened on 26th October at about 00:10hrs. Police have now given me permission to post on social media in an attempt to ID the driver and his mate.

The van driver also brake checks Joss

He added: “The police are looking for this vehicle, so if you spot it, please call West Yorkshire police on 101 with the crime ref:13180561864 8/11/18 or PM me on here, and I’ll pass on any details, keeping you anonymous.

“I need to clarify, this van is not thought to be connected with the company advertised on it.”

A mobile phone number is visible on the side of the van. When called today

a man answered who confirmed he was the owner of the van but did not give his name.

Denying he was behind the wheel, he said: “I was in bed at that time. The van could have been cloned.”

He even begins to reverse in the middle of the carriageway

On social media, Tommy Taylor wrote: “Wow what a d***. Glad you got through it OK mate”

Naomi Da Fox posted: Why why what a *!?!?!#%##. I hope you’re ok and I hope that p head was court.”

Gemma Zantonio Pierre added: “That’s so scary. Glad you’re ok and I hope someone can help you ID him.”

Speaking today, Joss said: “I pride myself to be calm when driving. I didn’t feel I was in any danger at one point. I thought to myself ‘ this guy really needs to grow up’.

Joss feels the reason the van driver acted erratically was because he tooted his horn

“I think the reason it started is because I tooted my horn at him to wake him up because he started to swerve while I was overtaking. I thought I was doing him a favour.

“I used to work as a racing instructor. It wasn’t anything major. I was the chief mechanic and sometimes and I had to teach the children how to use race. Some would take the instructions and some wouldn’t.

“I would have expected the police to arrived because there are two major police institutions one just off junction 39 and the other at junction 41.”

A spokeswoman from West Yorkshire Police said: “We were contacted on November to report an alleged road traffic offence on October 26 and it was on the M1 southbound at Wakefield. Officers recorded a crime of dangerous driving and conducted inquiries.”

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