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Brilliant moment Tartan Army follower adapts terrace chant – for a fire emergency

HILARIOUS video shows the moment a member of the Tartan Army instantly adapts a famous terrace chant to fit in with a fire emergency unfolding before his eyes.

John Fettes films as smoke pours from a Ramsdens jewellers in Dundee and drifts down the street towards a Nando’s.

Quick as a flash, he adapts the chant “Will Grigg’s on fire/Your defence is terrified” to “Ramsden’s on fire/Nando’s is terrified”.

John, from Tayport, Fife, continues to belt out the chant, much to the amusement of passers-by and bemusement of police.

The original chant was adapted from Gala’s 1996 hit Freed from Desire, which contains the line “Freed from desire/Mind and sense purified”. Twenty years later, a Wigan Athletic fan created the football version to celebrate the form of striker Will Grigg.

John, 32, posted his video to Facebook on Friday afternoon following the 999 emergency at Ramsdens in the city’s High Street.

The video shows Ramsdens billowing in smoke as police officers monitor the scene, the Ramsdens fire alarm can be screeching from inside the building as the police officers go in to take a look and pedestrians peer in.

All the while John has burst into song chanting “Ramsdens’ on fire” and just as John sings the line about Nando’s he switches his camera to show Nando’s next door.

John repeats the line by focussing back on Ramsdens and then jumping to Nando’s once more.

A woman pushing a pram appears to be smiling at John for his inventive chant.

John focuses the camera back onto Ramsdens and then says “ooh, nanananananana” as he bursts into the famous football tune.

On social media, Duncan Anderson said: “You’re some guy eh.”

Ross Furie added: “I know who not to call in an emergency.”

Glen Fettes wrote: “F***y…hahaha.”

John said today (Mon): “We went on a trip to Ireland with the Tayport tartan army and the Irish fans were singing this.

“I travel with Tartan Army fans so they would understand the humour behind it.”

John said the situation was under control and nobody was hurt.

He added: “The police were relaxed so you could see they had it under control and were waiting for assistance from the fire brigade.

“I was a little shocked which turned to amusement when you seen nobody panicking and all were safe.”

A spokesman for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said the call out proved to be a false alarm.

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