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Modern Elements Necessary in Good Web Design

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Web design trends change all the time. Several trends became a big deal in the past

but are already obsolete now. They could even hurt your chances of popularity if you use those strategies, instead of giving your site a boost. Modern trends are among the strategies used by experts in website design in Oxford, and if you decide to partner with them, they will make sure you get the website you deserve.

Large typography

Creating a brand is necessary for companies to stand out against their competitors. You need to have a brand that people will remember. When they think of a particular product, they will eliminate other options, and think about what you offer. Having large fonts on your website helps remind people about your company. It is like what logos do. When people see a logo, even from afar, they instantly think of a brand. Typography can also have the same impact on your target audience.


Large but responsive images

People don’t respond well to text these days. Regardless of their reason, the goal is for you to send the message across in the fastest possible time. Therefore, having large images helps. When you have large pictures on the website plus a few words for the description, they will immediately get the point. They might even decide to buy after seeing the information they need or recommend it to others. Besides, you also don’t know what device they will use when opening your website. You want to make it easy for them to see the images without having to expand their screen.


Background videos

There was a time when websites had videos all over the page. They started to become meaningless because people didn’t know which one to open, and why those videos were present. Today, the strategy is to choose one video and automatically play it in the background. You embed the video in the page so that it does not consume too much space, and it is not so heavy that it can cause a delay in loading the page. The good thing about videos is that people process such information faster compared to text. As long as they have fast internet access, opening these videos won’t be a problem.  


Flat design

A few years ago, web design stepped up and included unique aesthetics, hoping to appeal to a wide audience. Unfortunately, it did not have the desired results. Flat design is still the preferred design by a lot of people as it is easy for them to comprehend. The use of shadows, added dimensions, and other unnecessary elements, does not help in making the page popular at all. If your goal is to appeal to all people- regardless of age or educational background, keeping the page simple is necessary.


Trying out these trends in web design will help improve your site. You can observe the changes and determine if they help develop your popularity. With the help of web design experts, it won’t be a problem.

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