Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsToaster with built-in bean warmer prompts the question: Mankind's best invention...or lowest...

Toaster with built-in bean warmer prompts the question: Mankind’s best invention…or lowest ebb?

A TOASTER with a built-in bean warmer has sparked a lively online debate on whether it’s mankind’s crowning achievement – or lowest ebb.

Argos and Amazon both sell the product at £34.99. Argos say the toaster “is perfect for preparing a delicious morning breakfast in half the time”.

The Toast ‘n’ Bean Maker by Tefal features a “bean warmer” next to the toast slots. Tefal boast that the unique machine “cooks half a tin of baked beans at the same time as it makes tasty toast”.

An image of the product was recently uploaded to Reddit by user SwissJAmes who wrote: “Still can’t decide if this is the greatest invention ever, or mankind’s lowest ebb.”

Toast ‘n’ Bean Maker has its own “bean warmer”

Among the few to agree with the former was Kkardoz123, who wrote: “Mankind has peaked.”

TheBatWitTheGat was more guarded, writing: “It’s not exactly a great invention, but it’s a great British invention (slaps knee).”

Most contributors were far from impressed, including jimmycarr1, who ranted: “I’ve got a bean warmer too. It’s called a f******g microwave.”

PM-ME-Cryptocurrency added: “Mine is called a friggin saucepan.”

The product is available to buy from Argos for £34.99

a-bomb2 joked: “The hairdryer is good if you’re in a hurry.”

tigralfrosie sparked a technical discussion: “But why didn’t the engineers at Tefal simply turn the thing through 90 degrees to toast the bread flat and pour the beans on top when ready?

“Wallace and Gromit would have sorted that.”

Of course, this has an immediate advisory issued by louisjenkins8 posting: “Before anyone gets any ideas, don’t turn your toaster sideways lmao.”

Many Reddit users found the product hilarious

EddieVolcano was rather worried the design didn’t add in a part for their favourite spread, writing: “What about butter? You gotta have butter.”

Hawkeyehatton said: “I’m glad they put a label on the bean warmer.”

_MildlyMisanthropic said: “This has prompted a bit of discussion in the office.

“Turns out, with a bit of digging, that it only fits half a f*****g can of beans, like what’s the point?”


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