Friday, May 20, 2022
MultimediaHilarious moment man gets flattened by abandoned flatscreen TV he finds in...

Hilarious moment man gets flattened by abandoned flatscreen TV he finds in street

HILARIOUS video shows a man get flattened by a flatscreen television he finds abandoned in the street.

The man, who appears a little the worse for wear, struggles to get the TV to head height but then topples over.

The screen – thought to have at least a 40-inch screen – lands on top of the man, who is momentarily pinned to the ground.

The slapstick scene was filmed in Ashington, Northumberland, last Sunday afternoon.

The man struggled to get the TV over his head

Kate Yates, from Newcastle, then uploaded it to Facebook with the caption: “You know you’re p***** when you get flattened by a knackered TV.

“Only in Ashington fpmsl.”

The video has since gone viral, amassing 300,000 views since it was posted online, also on Sunday.

The clip begins with a man struggling to lift a TV which is wedged behind a metal unit outside the end of a row of garages.

The man eventually fell down

The man, who is wearing a grey hoodie, and doesn’t appear particularly steady on his feet, can’t seem to get a good grasp of the television.


He appears to fix his trainers briefly, looking off in a different direction, before coming back to the flats screen for another go.

The man manages to lift it up, carrying it by his side, and attempts to walk away with it.

But he soon stops, unable to get a decent grip or carry it further.

With the TV upside down, the man bends down, and again tries desperately to find a way to better carry it.

He shifts it on the ground, still bent down, and grasps it from the bottom, lifting it up high to his chest.

The man bends backwards and his feet appear unsteady.

The video gained more than 300,000 views

He wobbles to the left, struggling desperately to stay upright, before falling in a clatter to the concrete ground.

With his hands still clutching it, the TV lands on top of him, and the man lay there for a few seconds.

He continues to writhe on the ground, the flat screen on top of him, as the clip comes to an end.

Facebook users almost unanimously found the clip hilarious.

Jacqualine Marshall said: “I laughed way too hard at this.”

Katie Parks wrote: “Lmao made my night this.”

Dave Ronan commented: “If anything could make me smile today that has done the trick.”

Paddy Ervine said: “What a d*** hahahaha.”

Leigh Gagen added: “Brilliant.”

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