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“I f****** hate you” Moment boyfriend plays practical joke so bad his partner shunned him for 3 days

JAW-dropping video has emerged showing a dad play an April Fool’s joke on his girlfriend that is so cruel she didn’t speak to him for three days.

The prankster arranged for it to look like their home had been broken into during the night and filmed his partner’s horrified reaction the following morning.

The clip was filmed three years ago but Kirsty Mitchell posted the clip online yesterday (Tues) after her dad, Robert, agreed it could go public.

At the end of the video, his sobbing girlfriend, Valerie, gives him a death stare and declares: “I f****** hate you.”

But Kirsty, from Glasgow, revealed today that the couple’s relationship had endured the “joke” and they were still very much together.

Sobbing girlfriend, Valerie.

Robert, who was 47 at the time, flipped over tables and hid the television to set up the joke.

The footage begins with Valerie in her dressing gown being heard saying “We’ve been burgled” before entering the bedroom.

She then walks round to the foot of the bed in a panic saying: “We’ve been burgled, Robert.”

He then replies with: “What you talking about?”

Valerie then continues to try to tell Robert that they have been burgled during the night and insisting he comes to see for himself.

Robert then takes the camera, which was placed beside the bed and follows his worried girlfriend through to the sitting room.

As they enter the sitting room, she starts crying and looks incredibly distressed.

Valerie then turns round and asks Robert “Why you doing that with the camera? Look at the bloody window and that.”

At the end of the video, Valerie, gives him a death stare and declares: “I f****** hate you.”

Robert then pans the camera to show a calendar which has April 1st on has the date.

She then asks again: “Robert, what are you doing?”

Shortly after he can then be heard giggling and swings the camera back to show Valerie looking unamused as she realises what’s going on.

Robert then breaks into a fit of laughter saying: “April fools.”

Valerie gives her boyfriend a look of undiluted hostility before saying: “I f****** hate you.”

Kirsty posted the never-before-seen clip with the caption: “Still buckled at ma dad kiddin on to his burd they got robbed for April fools like 3 year ago.

“Hid the tv and flipped the tables and aw that, poor woman.”

One user said: “It’s his laugh at the end man.”

Another Twitter user said: “Am f****** howlin. Hahahahaha.”

Another user said: “Hahahahahaha that’s a f****** sin.”

Another user said: “This is funny as f***.”

Another Twitter user commented: “That’s actually brutal.”

Speaking today, Kirsty confirmed that her Dad and Valerie are still together.

She said: “She didn’t speak to him for a good three days. ”

Kirsty confirmed suspicions her dad is a repeat offender. She said: “The next year he set the clocks forward three hours and she went to work early.”

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