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NewsTerrifying moment white van man comes within four inches of getting pulverised...

Terrifying moment white van man comes within four inches of getting pulverised between two HGVs

TERRIFYING video shows the reckless driver of a white van come within four inches of getting pulverised between two HGVs.

The driver tries to overtake one of the lorries on a narrow rural road but ends up hurtling towards the other HGV coming in the opposite direction.

Incredibly, the white van driver manages to pull in front of the HGV at the very last second.

But a rear-facing camera shows the van was within four inches of getting chopped in half by the converging lorries.

Ironically, the van is filmed on top of a large “SLOW” sign painted on the road near Bridgwater, Somerset.

Dash Cam footage shows the Caddy van trying the dangerous overtake

The footage was filmed on Monday and uploaded to social media by Wayne Salter, from Bridgwater.

At the start of the clip, the small van can be seen trying to overtake the large blue lorry and is driving on the wrong side of the road.

As the lorry approaches the van it seems inevitable a devastating collision is about to happen.

Thanks in part to the HGV driver’s quick reactions and emergency braking, the van slips between the front of the two lorries.

Viewers on social media were incredulous. Ian Barrow wrote: “What a p***k.”

The van drove over the road marked SLOW

Andy Newton commented: “Bloody brain dead.”

Hayla Towler said: “What an ignorant f****** b******. Other cars on the road. He could have killed someone.”

Iain Crook commented: “What a c***.”

Kelly Salter said: “What an absolute idiot!”

It is understood Avon and Somerset Police are launching an investigation into the incident and have asked Wayne to submit his clip officially.

Earlier this month, footage showed how a car avoided a head on crash with another car after dangerously overtaking a HGV.

The clip taken on the A65 near Lupton heading towards Kirby Lonsdale in Cumbria shows the black car just managing to nip ahead of the lorry instead of crashing into the other car.

The HGV driver who uploaded the clip said: “In all my years driving trucks I have had many close shaves due to impatient car drivers, but this was probably the closest yet.”

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: “We were made aware yesterday of dash cam footage circulating on social media and are currently working to locate the driver of the other vehicle in the video.

“Any driver with dash cam footage of an incident or a near miss in our force area can upload the video content to our website here:”

The van was inches away from crashing with the HGV

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