Friday, June 24, 2022
NewsWoman applies makeup on M6 at 30mph with no hands on wheel...

Woman applies makeup on M6 at 30mph with no hands on wheel – and is she even wearing a seatbelt?

A FEMALE driver has been caught applying make up at 30mph and with no hands on the wheel – on one of the UK’s busiest motorways.

The woman, who was photographed on the M6 Toll on Wednesday, does not even appear to be wearing a seatbelt as she looks in her visor mirror

The photo was captured by Adam J Daniels Faulkner, who was a passenger in a van in the next lane.

Adam J Daniels Faulkner spotted the woman applying cosmetics on the M6 Toll

Adam, 33, from Manchester, even rolled his window down to get a clear snap, uploading the image on Wednesday morning with the caption: “Why do women think it’s ok to do make up at the wheel? On the M6 toll no less haha.”

He said: “The only reason I took the picture was because of the speed we were doing.

“If you can see the back wheel and the floor, it’s quite blurry.”

The lady is seen looking into her visor whilst travelling at 30mph

Online, Chris Doe responded: “Gotta look good for the paramedic after her face has hit the windscreen.”

Kerri Louise Thompson wrote: “This winds me up so much! As a woman, I think it’s absolutely unnecessary. Get up 10 minutes earlier and do it before you leave!”

Graham Tinkler said: “Maybe she’s practising how to do it for when she isn’t paying attention and piles into the back of a stationary lorry!”

Some users spotted that she might not be following another rule

Suze Barton said: “This is an instance where if you see them putting mascara on in your rear view mirror you tap your brakes lightly and she hits hers and the wand goes in their eye…not that I’d do this of course.”

Denise Keithler wrote: “Guilty as charged!”

Adrian Jensen said: “Because girls drive better – they say.”

Facebook comments suggested ways of dealing with these drivers

Some users think they had spotted further issues with the woman’s actions.

Fiona Stevens said: “Is she not wearing a seatbelt?”

Samantha Gazzard agreed: “Oh yeah. Tut tut.”

Adam uploaded the picture on Wednesday morning

Earlier this year, a woman was caught applying makeup while driving in Bournemouth as her child was in the back seat.

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