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Boots refuse to recall own-brand nappy despite baby suffering bleeding rash on bottom

BOOTS have refused to recall one of their own-brand nappies despite claims a baby suffered a bleeding rash on the bottom.

The mother of the five-month-old claimed crystals in the nappy used to absorb moisture clumped together to create a glass-like substance.

The mum from Bootle, Merseyside, who does not want to be identified, is consulting a solicitor next week on possible legal action against the retailer.

But Boots insist there have been no other “recent” complaints about the product and that it is fit for purpose.

Absorbing crystals were found clustered at the base of the nappy

The mum bought Boots’ Super Dry Active Fresh nappies and put one on the baby boy.

But she took to Facebook on Saturday to warn other parents about the product.

Her pictures show the child’s bottom with what appears to be a rash or abrasion. The nappy itself has a smudge of what seems to be blood on it. The inside of the nappy, from her pictures, seems to have taken an sandpaper-like texture.

The cluster has caused the baby to bleed in his nappy

She wrote: “My baby is five-months-old and couldn’t even tell me he was in pain!

“It is the crystals in the nappy and they have stuck together. To me it looks like glass. All they have said is that it’s a serious matter and it is getting dealt with and they are recalling all the nappies!”

The mum later complained that she had been waiting three days for a response, despite a promise to get back in 24 hours.


Tracey Lunt responded online: “I wouldn’t leave that. Demand the company have them checked and you want a copy of the report. The poor little man.”

Sinead Sullivan-kelly added: “What the f***? Sue them cheeky b******s.”

Leah Murphy added: “Glass or not that shouldn’t happen – it’s cut his little bum. They need recalling.”

But Boots on Monday confirmed that they will not be recalling the product.

The faulty nappy shows the painful abrasion caused to the baby

A spokeswoman from Boots UK said: “We are really sorry to hear about this. We take the safety of our customers and their family very seriously and the quality and safety of our products is really important to us.

“We have not had any recent complaints of this nature and our Product Quality Team have investigated and concluded that the product is fit for purpose. We are continuing to speak to the customer directly.”

The mother claimed Boots had suggested the issue was her fault.

The outraged mother took to social media to complain to Boots

She said today: “They told us it wouldn’t have happened if the nappy wasn’t overfilled, but that isn’t the case as the nappy we placed on my baby had only just been put on.

“I’m unhappy that they are doing nothing about it. He couldn’t even tell us that he was in pain or hurting.”

She added: “The customer service team have only seen pictures and have judge off that, they haven’t asked us to send any nappies to them to prove it wasn’t overfilled.

The mother feels Boots have not taken her complaint seriously enough

“To me it was like they were saying I don’t change my baby’s bum and this is why it had happened.

“I think they way we’ve been treated by them is so disrespectful and not very professional at all.”

The mother added: “We have taken it to a solicitor as Boots told us it wouldn’t have happened if the nappy wasn’t overfilled.”

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