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Heartwarming moment biker stops at pedestrian crossing and helps old lady cross road

HEARTWARMING video shows a biker dismount and help an old lady over a pedestrian crossing – after two drivers refused to stop.

The clip shows at least two motorists fail to stop, or even slow down, despite the fact the white-haired lady is standing right next to the crossing.

But the mystery biker not only stops at the crossing, he gets off, offers his arm to the lady and walks her across the road.

The incident was captured in Fullarton Road, Irvine, North Ayrshire, by Angela Mcadam Blakey and posted to her personal Facebook page on Sunday.

The video begins with a view of Fullarton Road being filmed from one of five tower blocks in the town.

In the distance there are two cars and five bikers approaching down the road.

Off camera, a female voice says: “Here they’re coming.”

They approach slowly down the road, and the female voice speaks again: “They’re going to stop these cars, are they no?”

The camera films further down the road along with the cars and bikes and for the first time the elderly lady waiting at the pedestrian crossing comes into view.

The sky-blue car at the front of the motorcade has already driven past, and the red car next also goes over.

One of the female voices off camera says: “Right here we go.”

The biker at the front of the group stops at the crossing. With the other bikers stopping behind, the lead biker then gets off their bike and takes the arm of the pensioner.

The biker walks the woman over the crossing and she then joins another person at this side of the road.

The biker walks back to the group and gets on their bike again before nonchalantly driving off down the road.

The video went from attracting nearly 30,000 views yesterday, to half a million by this morning.

Cathy Martin says: “Lovely to see so good manners still exist.”

Margaret Nicol wrote: “What a lovely guy for helping the lady across the road.”

Amber-Rose Blakely commented: “How nice is that.”

Cheryl Forbes says: “Aww that’s so sweet.”

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