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NewsDramatic moment dad defies son's bullies with display of biker power outside...

Dramatic moment dad defies son’s bullies with display of biker power outside school gate

DRAMATIC footage captures the moment a Dad defies his son’s bullies by picking him up outside school with seven other bikers.

Alex Lacki, 12, who is autistic and suffers from ADHD, has suffered years of verbal abuse from schoolmates, including calling him a “w****r” and his mother a “b****”.

After moving schools several times failed to work, his dad Daniel came up with a non-confrontational way to try to beat the bullies by showing how cool his boy is.

On Alex’s birthday, Daniel arranged for him and a group of his biker pals to line up outside Elm Court School, Brixton, London, and give the boy a ride home.

And according to Daniel, Alex’s torment has since stopped.

12-year-old Alex was having a hard time with bullies

The clip, which was filmed by Mum Marta and taken last Friday, shows Daniel getting the bikers organised in a line outside the school whilst they wait for Alex to come out of school.

Martha can also be heard speaking to one of Alex’s teachers as she says: “It’s the birthday surprise.”

As Alex walks out of school, his Dad can be seen clapping and holding his arms wide open to give Alex a hug.

The 12-year-old then shakes the hands of all the bikers individually to thank them for turning up to meet him.

Dad Daniel decided to pick him up with his biker mates

Following this, Daniel then gives Alex a helmet and puts him on the back of his bike.

Alex’s fellow peers can be heard gathering round wondering what’s going on.

The bikers then fire up their engines and once Daniel takes off, the other bikers then follow behind him as they drive off.

The video was uploaded by the Icr Riderz Facebook group with the caption: “We hope that this little act will help Alex with the bullies!”

Alex said it was the “best birthday present ever”

Viewer Tiger Taylor responded: “Well done lads, from all of us here at Anti-Bullying Support North East.”

Ryon Pickering said: “Brilliant lads we do a similar thing up Northampton way called kbe or Kettering biker escorts give us a look be nice to do some events maybe.”

Matt Appleton commented: “Nice one guys.”

Simon Farrell said: “Well done great to see.”

Speaking today, 37-year-old tradesman Daniel described the struggles Alex was facing on a daily basis.

“We’ve had to keep changing schools because of the bullying.

Parents Daniel and Martha were delighted with the response

“At his current school, things were going ok at first, but eventually other kids started to pick on him.

“Kids calling him ‘w****r’ and saying ‘your Mum’s a b****’. It’s really easy to wind him up and other kids don’t understand the problem.

“He was crying every day before school refusing not to go, we were completely powerless.”

However, Daniel came up with the idea to pick him up from school with fellow bikers and said he was “speechless” with the support.

He said: “It went much better than expected. Some even took time off work which was amazing.

“Alex is now doing much better and he said it was the best birthday he ever had.”

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