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Should AC Milan Reinforce the team for 2019?


Every Football club regardless of how well they are doing presently often look to a new transfer window to shore up their team.

It’s therefore not far-fetched for AC Milan supporters to expect the same from the management of their darling club.

The current football season has so far exposed at least to the discerning fan some of the weak areas in the AC Milan squad that need urgent strengthening.

This is in spite of the new signings made during the summer window. Though, one can excuse this poor showing so far due to the lack of understanding between the new players.

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However, the Rossoneri are in a very delicate situation with the UEFA’s FFA sanction hanging on their head – which effectively bars them from staying active in the transfer market.

Except, of course, something happens, like the court for sports arbitration gives a favorable verdict.

In the meantime, the new owners after the sack of Li the former Chinese owner and their top management, in an effort to reposition and rebuild the club to winning ways are embarking on what they termed the “project.”

In these regards, they have brought back Leonardo a former Milan player as the new sporting director charged with spearheading the project that includes signing new players while also working within the UEFA’s fair play framework.

With new management in place and a couple of decent players brought in last summer, Milan faithful can only but be hopeful that the fortunes of their club are about to take a turn for the better. If you’re into odds and the world of betting, you’ll see that AC Milan are currently at 250/1 to win the title, so hopefully, they can shift those odds around. You can keep an eye out for the predictions on Top Football Tipster if you want to see any upcoming match previews based on previous performance. This will give you a good overview of how they’re shaping up as the season progresses.

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Now, to the question should Milan reinforce the team for 2019?

The answer is yes and here’s why.

First, here’s what Gennaro Gattuso, the Milan manager had to say concerning reinforcing the team when the January transfer window opens:

“I always said that this team needs 3-4 new players.” He went on to say that his team is young and would benefit from the introduction of more experienced players. Who not only is experienced playing in certain kinds of matches but also provide the needed leadership on the pitch for his players.

So, if that is coming from the horse’s mouth, it is safe then for one to guess that come January when the new transfer window opens, the Rossoneri will be active in the market. Or latest by summer, new faces would be joining the team.

Now, the question left is who would be coming in during the transfer window? Going by rumors and news making the rounds; it wouldn’t be surprising to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Fabregas, and Godin wearing the iconic red and black strip jersey pretty soon.

Also, according to a report by Tuttosport, the Milan based club is looking to raid the English premier league clubs to strengthen their squad. A report has it that Arsenal’s Ramsey Aaron is on their radar.

Corriere Dello Sport claims that Leandro Paredes who currently plays for Zenit Saint Petersburg is a top target for the new Sporting Director.

So far, if everything goes to plan, the Rossoneri fans should expect at the least 2-3 new players joining their team in 2019.